Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - Triple Thrill Pack Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - Triple Thrill Pack 
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 Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - Triple Thrill Pack Cheats

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - Triple Thrill Pack

Guest Name Cheats:
Submitted by: Coolio Doolio 

Name                 Result
Chris Sawyer       - Photographer guest
Simon Foster       - Artist guest
Katie Brayshaw     - Waving guests
Tony Day           - Hungry guest
John Wardley       - "Wow!" thinking
John Mace          - Guest pays double entrance fee
Damon Hill         - Faster Go-Karts
Michael Schumacher - Even faster Go-Karts
Mr Bean            - Slower Go-Karts 
Melanie Warn       - Increase Guest Happiness
Andy Hine          - Weird Comments when He/She Enters a Ride
David Ellis        - Weird Comments when He/She Leaves a Ride
Elissa White       - Intamin Fan

In-game commands:
Height marks on paths       - 0 
Underground view            - 1 
Underwater View             - 2 
Transparent Rides           - 3 
Transparent Scenery         - 4 
Invisible Supports          - 5 
Invisible People            - 6 
Gridlines                   - 7 
Height marks on land        - 8 
Height marks on ride tracks - 9 
Zoom out                    - Page Up 
Zoom in                     - Page Down
Rotate                      - Enter 
Map                         - Tab 
Land                        - F1 
Water                       - F2 
Scenery                     - F3 
Footpaths                   - F4 
New rides                   - F5
Finances                    - F 
Research                    - D 
Ride information            - R 
Park status                 - P 
Guest information           - G 
Staff                       - S 
Messages                    - M 
Rotate Ride                 - Z
Close the topmost window    - Backspace 
Close all open windows      - Shift + Backspace 
Cancel construction         - Esc 

Guests Never Leave:
Put a "No Entry" sign by the entrance, facing away from the entrance. 
Guests can still come in, but will not leave. Note: This may cause your 
park rating to decrease, because many guests will be "lost" and want to 
go home

Select Ride Height: 
When placing any object, select where you want to put it, however before you 
click, hold [Shift] and move the mouse up or down. Click when you have the 
preferred height

Multiple names:
You can have more than one person with the same name (which works well when 
using the cheats) by changing the capitalization of various letters. 
For example Chris Sawyer can be used on another person by making all letters 
lower or upper case (chris sawyer and CHRIS SAWYER)

Free Money:
Go to the Finances screen by pressing "F", then press Enter + M for 1,000. 
This can only be done once a month.

All Scenarios, Rides and Infinite Money:
At the main menu, type "rct2" and press Enter. If done correctly, you will 
hear clapping.

Complete Tasks Fast:
Close your park as soon as you start and open it on the day before you have to
finish the task and then it will say that you have completed the task.

Hire Einstein:
To extend your research by leaps and bounds, find Guest #1 and rename him "E=MC2".
Then find guest #2 and rename him "E=MC3". The two will meet and begin brainstorming.
Shortly thereafter they will ask to be hired on as the park's research developers.
Say "yes" and pour your resources into the think tank. The following year, research
and development will have grown by leaps and bounds. You will have all of the latest
rides and nearly a billion dollars to spend!

Receive A One Million Dollar Gift:
To get lots of money for your park, close it down for one full year! Afterwards, a
man dressed in a blue suit and holding a clipboard will give you a little "helpful
money" (1,000,000).

Mowing Grass:
You can mow the grass yourself by using the raise/lower ground tool. Just click on the
place that needs to be mowed.

Cleaning paths:
Simply place a new pathway over a dirty path to quickly clean it.

Happy Land:
If you are in one of the few 'no money' parks, and some of youre guests are so mad
there faces are red, then you can make happy land! happy land is an elevated platform
(5x5 squares wide) with food, drinks, and a bathroom. put soooo many entertainers in
there (50 or 60) that your guest is super smiley!

Max Park Rating:
If you are havving trouble raising or keeping up your park rating, here are 6 ways 
on how to do it.

1.Look at your guests thoughts. If they are saying I need to go to the washroom, build
  more washrooms. Same goes for drinks and food. 
2.If your park is messy or the little notification box says "Guests are complaining 
  about the disgusting state of paths in your park, build garbages and hndymen.
3.Build more mechanics if the notification box is saying... say, Medusa still hasn't 
  been fixed.
4.Try not to make coasters crash or blow up.
5.Do not kill or torture guests. ( Drowning them or putting them in a hole till they
  are really mad.
6.Make Fun Land as kewlz was saying.

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