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  Hints and Tips for: Realm Royale 
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 Realm Royale Cheats

Realm Royale

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hunter Guide:
Written by Shadow

This guide will cover the basics of how to play Realm Royale hunter class.

* Paladins Players
You need a bit of practice, your main weapon is bow which is similar to Sha 
lin's bow from Paladins. You need to practice shooting and moving with cassies 
ability to dodge roll, That's the spell you want to use all the time without 

The game mechanics are almost exactly the same as Paladins, so if you are 
coming from there you'll easily have a huge advantage. 

I played four games and scored second and third places just by knowing the 
mechanics of Paladins.

-=Non-Paladins / Newcomer Players=-
If you are a new player and all of this is new to you, I suggest you installing 
Paladins game and practice shooting range with Cassie and Sha lin characters to 
learn aiming, mechanics and movements. It will boost your skills without doubt.

But of course if you don't want to do that, you can just skip it and landing 
at starting postion in Realm royale and just practice dodge roll which is on 
F key. (You can rebind it to left shift if you are used to use that as 
movement key).

Remember that's only a practice and you will die a lot.

-=Gameplay and Mindset=-
After you learnt the basics of the game which includes movements, shooting and 
map locations this is a key thing you need to adapt to your play style.

Either it's a duo or a squad game you need to communicate with your teammate(s). 
You need to be with your teammate and even if they die, remember as a hunter 
you can still do much damage and end up in top 5.

Make sure to always land next to the crafting areas which are marked with a 
yellow icon on the map, it will help you get the weapons and the staff you need.

-=How to Know When Someone Is Crafting?=-
There is a fire/fog above the house meaning someone is using a crafting machine 
to craft legendary accessories / weapons or armors. 

-=What to Do When You Land?=-
Don't be afraid if players are around, your priority is to run (use dodge roll) 
and find a gun. That's the most fundamental thing you need to do. Don't look 
around if there is someone, just run for the gun. Once you looted a gun you are 
safe and will probably get a solid kill because most of the players are just 
looking around to see whether they should go to loot or not.

-=Try Fake Crafting=-
What does that mean? It means if there are for example two players near but 
they are waiting, put something to craft and get out of the house with your teammate, 
they will most probably try to kill you because they will expect you to be there. 
When you are on a safe distance, if you had a mine spell (like a button) throw it on
a wall it will detonate and ruin their health. 

Since you have adventage because they expected you to be there and you are not, 
run inside with your friend and gun them down.

-=Always Use Mount and Unmount=-
It can save your life. With small cooldown of 2-3 secs, you can easily outrun your 
enemies, get on a safe distance and heal. Mount / unmount can be either defensive 
or offensive tactic.

-=What to Craft First?=-
Your first craft always needs to be your weapon. Your bow is so powerful that it 
can two shot enemies easily on close, medium and far distances. Your core damage 
is 1000 HP per shot and it is so powerful that you can alone kill several players 
which are near to you.

-=Legendary Bow=-
This Bow is doing a pure 1000 damage per hit. You can shot with it on medium. long 
or close distance and get players armor shred in seconds. To craft it you first 
must have 1 kill.

Remember to combine dodge roll when you finish your shot. It's important to have a 
great movement and shooting. Again players from Paladins will have a great advantage 

-=Dodge Roll=-
This is your main movement ability which is a core for a gameplay. You need to use 
it as much as possible both defensively and offensively. You can one shot and doge 
roll to espace user attacks. You can dodge roll and mount up to leave if there are 
many enemies. This is the spell which you want to get Legendary.

Next one is your armor and accesories. Try to craft an armor as priority and always 
take a safe distance to heal and regenerate armor. It's important to craft the whole 
legendary set for your hunter.

Also while you are collecting shards try to craft your spells as well, if you are 
lucky enough you'll get dodge roll which will reduce the cooldown to somewhat of 2 

Now you will most likely need a spell "Hidden" which enters in invisibility mode, 
there you can aim and shoot, combine with dodge roll enemies won't know what's 
attacking them. You can easily espace, move and kill targets like a real hunter.

-=The Best Abilities to Craft & Use=-
* Flare
This is your core ability. You need to throw it always and it will reveal enemies 
hidding behind the walls, rocks, woods or anything. It will give you a great sight 
of the enemies. 

* Hidden
Will let you go into a stealth mode and hide yourself from enemies. Combine that 
with dodge roll when you shot someone and dodge roll, if you need more protection go 
hidden. Or you can go Hidden, get close to enemie and shot it, then dodge roll and 
shot again. 

* Mine
Place it around the walls when crafting or hiding, it will do a severe damage to 
the enemies who walk close to a mine.

Basic Tips and Tricks:
Written by Salty

Here i will be giving some tips and tricks for noobs and amateurs.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
* Use Z to use mount whenever you can, this will summon a horse wich you can ride 
  to move/travel faster.
* Use X on the useless items or abilities to transform them to essence that you 
  can use later to craft items. 
* Try to land before your enemies and rush to the closest chest that containes 
  weapons and try to eliminate enemies before they loot.
* Keep an eye on the forge , this way you'll know if your there's someone using it , 
  also you can fake using the forge to alert the enemies and ambush them if they try 
* If you're desperate to rank up just try surviving as long as you can , this way 
  you'll climb the ladder of ranking and have a better rank because the ranking 
  system depends on how much you've survived in your top 50 matches (you'll have a 
  rank even if you didn't play 50 matches).
* If you want to improve at the game faster land at popular cities or towns or 
  villages or whatever you call them.
* Always keep a long range weapon (Rifle , Bow , Sniper..) and a close rage weapon 
  (Shotgun , Sword..) in your inventory to be able to fight in any situation.
* Always use your abilities while looting to loot faster but you have to keep them 
  ready in case when an enemie is close so you'll be able to escape or get closer 
  to them. 
* Use chat canal by pressing "enter" to communicate with your friends in game and 
  give informations or directions.
* Lower your sensitivity to be able to aim better.
* Keep an eye on the map and try landing in the safe zone 
  (access the map by holding TAB).
* Always lock your favorite class and learn more about them in every game till 
  you MASTER 'em.
* Avoid jump-shooting.

Duplicate Items Guide:
Written by Joako

Here is a "bug" to duplicate items which is legal, you need at least one person on 
your team to duplicate items.

-=Step #1=-
Collect enough Shards to revive your partner in the Forge.

-=Step #2=-
Once you have the items you want to duplicate you have to give it to your partner 
(Weapons and Skills).

-=Step #3=-
His partner has to die, committing suicide with the ''Plasma Launcher'' or being 
killed by an enemy.

-=Step #4=-
Pickup the items from your friend died and revive him in the forge, once you revived 
him in the forge he kept his items.

This works with all weapons and abilitys.

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