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  Hints and Tips for: Realm of the Mad God 
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 Realm of the Mad God Cheats

Realm of the Mad God

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

Unlockable     How to Unlock
Archer      - Have a level 5 Priest.
Assassin    - Have a level 20 Wizard and level 20 Rogue.
Huntress    - Have a level 20 Archer and level 20 Rogue.
Knight      - Have a level 20 Warrior.
Mystic      - Have a level 20 Necromancer and level 20 Huntress.
Necromancer - Have a level 20 Wizard and level 20 Priest.
Paladin     - Have a level 20 Priest and level 20 Knight.
Priest      - Have a level 5 Wizard.
Rogue       - Have a level 5 Archer.
Sorcerer    - Have a level 20 Necromancer and level 20 Assassin.
Trickster   - Have a level 20 Assassin and level 20 Paladin.
Warrior     - Have a level 5 Rogue.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement     How to unlock
Ancestor      - First in a long line of heroes.
Be Enigmatic  - Unlocked Mystic Class.
Black Magic   - Unlocked Necromancer Class.
Blue Star     - Completed over 13 Class Quests.
Cartographer  - More than 4 million tiles uncovered with a single character.
Doer of Deeds - More than 1000 quests completed with a single character.
Enchanting    - Unlocked Sorcerer Class.
Explorer      - More than 1 million tiles uncovered with a single character.
Get Tricky    - Unlocked Trickster Class.
Leader of Men - More than 1000 party member level ups with a single character.
On Your Mark  - Unlocked Assassin Class.
Orange Star   - Completed over 39 Class Quests.
Oryx Slayer   - Dealt Killing blow to Oryx.
Quivering     - Unlocked Archer Class.
Red Star      - Completed over 26 Class Quests.
Team Player   - More than 100 party member level ups with a single character.
The Polymath  - Unlocked Paladin Class.
Tunnel Rat    - Completed every dungeon type with a single character. 
Vestaments    - Unlocked Priest Class.
Walk Softly   - Unlocked Rogue Class.
White Star    - Completed over 65 Class Quests.
Yellow Star   - Completed over 52 Class Quests.

How to Deal with Death:
Written by dell

This guide will teach you how to deal with death in this maddening game.

-=The Reaper Has Come=- have died. Maybe you were shotgunned, or maybe it was a "wrong place in the 
wrong time" situation, or maybe you were trying to be cool and ended up dead. That 
doesn't matter. The important thing here is: You had a nice char, couple cool items 
and... bam! Death. Well, that sucks, doesn't it? And trust me when I say it's very 
disheartening to get everything you worked for evaporated into a long dark, but the 
fundamental thing you've gotta do is to not give up, Items are easily replaceable, 
you can find exact copies just by playing, but... Do you really have what it takes 
to start it all over again? That bring us to...

-=Getting Back Into the Fray=-
At first it will be incredibly discouraging to start from scratch, then it'll be miidly 
annoying, then it's starting to get okay again. The thing is: Death is inevitable in 
your line of work. You gotta learn to roll with the punches. And make provisions. 
Start storing valuable high-tier items, so you don't have such a hard time rebuilding 
your character.

Learn with your mistakes. Observe attack patterns, see what monster you can take on 
without a sweat, which ones are gonna give you trouble, and the ones that mean certain 
death to you. Death is a mechanic of the game, and it's not going away anytime soon, 
I mean, the entire fame system is based off the fact that you, the player, is gonna 
die pretty much soon.

And if you just lost a particularly strong and valuable character, my best advice is 
to take a break. Y'know, to cool off. It helps, a lot.

-=Knowledge Is Power=-
Another thing which will help you a lot in the very hard task of avoiding death is 
getting to know the game better. Which dungeons can you do, as a not very powerful 
player? What does this monster drop, and it's good for me? If you get those questions 
answered, well, your odds are not gonna be so bad.

A great source of information about the game in general can be the realm wiki, 
and youtube guides.

He made some of the most easy-to-understand, complete guides I've watched, and 
believe me, I've watched a lot of them.

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