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  Hints and Tips for: RealMyst 
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 RealMyst Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rick

A good approach to playing the game: Flip all the marker switches up on the
island. Then go up to the library, click the map of the island, and start 
the tower rotation by clicking and holding down the flashing circle, which
indicates that a warp book is there. After the tower rotates towards the 
object, you can find hints behind the bookcase. Leave the map and open the
bookcase by clicking the picture next to it. You'll see some stairs. Climb
them to go to the top of the tower. There you'll see two ladders. 
Climb the key ladder to get more clues.

On Myst Island, go to the planetarium. Sit in the chair and pull down the 
star viewer. Enter the date "MARCH 1ST 1978" and for the time, enter 
whatever the clock tower currently shows. After the viewer finishes 
locating the coordinates, change the month from "MARCH" to "NOVEMBER". 
You should see a Pong game being played in the view window. To control 
the left paddle, grab the time slider and move it up to make the paddle
move up and down to make the paddle go down. If it disappears and you wish
to play again, go to the clock tower and change the time. Then repeat the
steps to make the Pong game appear with the new time in place of the old.
Note: March 1, 1978 was the day that Atari announced that they had merged
with Time Warner. November was the last production month of the Pong video

Easter Egg pictures:
Open the CD-ROM with Windows Explorer and go to the "scn/maps" folder. Note 
the "cyanegg" and "huevo" movies. "huevo" is "egg" in Spanish. The "cyan" 
file features a series of photographs of the creators and their families. 
The "huevo" file features mysterious static. Try using a photo editing 
program to layer the static from Huevo.avi. At this time, it is not known
how these files are accessed within the game.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition: 8-bit Myst style graphics:
Link to the Mechanical Age and enter the more lavishly decorated chamber. Open
the chequered box next to the throne and click the Myst CD-ROM that is inside 
to see a new graphics style. Repeat the process to return to normal.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition: Cosmic-Osmo black and white style graphics:
After raising the cogs to get to the clock tower on Myst Island, open the door
and go around the back of the tower. Click the two floppy disks at the base to
see a new graphics style. Repeat the process to return to normal.

Grey Scale colours:
Once the game has been completed return to MYST Island and go to the Selenitic
age linking book in the spaceship. Link to Selenitic and then look up to see 
some furry-dice hanging above you. If you then look to the floor of the ship 
(opposite the door) you will see a 'Cosmic Osmo' CD. Click on this to play 
the rest of the game in grey scale. To return to normal colours, just click
the CDs again.

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