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  Hints and Tips for: Rebel Inc 
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 Rebel Inc Cheats

Rebel Inc

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The game has cheats that will greatly facilitate your life. They become 
available after you have completed all maps at the brutal level of 
difficulty (a great joke by developers). The other option is to pay real
money for them.

The same is true for the governors: the last one will become available 
only after you have completed all maps at the brutal level of difficulty 
which is hard to accomplish. Advisors whom you get for completing missions 
can be used only by owners of the premium version of the game. It can be 
bought only for real money. Premium also opens up some useful features: 
choosing a governor for the specific mission, time acceleration and 
advanced stats.

All these benefits make the gameplay easier, but the game remains 
interesting to play. The brutal level of difficulty will always be a tough 

How to increase reputation:
There are two ways to increase reputation:

* Stabilization of zones (the more citizens are in the area, the higher 
  your reputation will grow).
* Making decisions during the course of the game (you can both increase 
  and decrease your reputation level).
* The main goal at the beginning of the game is to get as much intel as 
  possible. It accelerates the introduction of civilian and political 
  initiatives by increasing the growth of support from local population.
  The higher the level, the more supporters you have, and the faster 
  regions stabilize.

After you have stabilized enough regions, and the attacks of the insurgents 
are effectively suppressed, the final stage of the game begins.

You can understand that this has happened when you get a notice from 
insurgents in which they offer negotiations. Yes, this can also happen in 
the middle of the game, but chances for successful negotiations are low 
(about 90% chance of failure) in this case.

After you have agreed to negotiations, Peace scale will appear on the right. 
Once it fills up to 90%, you will be able to conclude negotiations and sign 
a peace plan which will quickly stabilize the remaining zones. 
You will win on the map!

However, the path to peace is not that simple. Periodically, you will be 
offered choices that put significant pressure on your reputation or 
negotiation progress.

For example, you can offer insurgents to hand in their weapons. 
There are three options:

* Insurgents keep all weapons (giving in to insurgentsí demands = penalty 
  to governorís reputation).
* Insurgents hand in heavy weapons (compromise = a small bonus to reputation 
  and deterioration in relations with the rebels).
* Insurgents hand in all weapons (an ultimatum after which the Peace scale 
  will decrease materially).
* The choice here depends not only on your preferences but also on the 
  remaining reputation. If it reaches 0, you will lose.

Before you sign the peace deal, make sure that the current reputation level 
is above 20-30 points. If it is lower, you risk losing the mission. The 
penalty for signing a truce will be very high. Your reputation can be reduced 
to almost zero, and any wrong move can lead to a loss at the moment when you 
were just a step away from the victory.
To protect yourself before signing the peace deal, start initiatives that 
may sharply raise your reputation like Democratic Transition ($4)
or ????????? ????? ??????? ($7). Together, they will add 5 points to your 
reputation and wonít allow it to drop to zero.

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