Rebel Assault 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Rebel Assault 2 
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 Rebel Assault 2 Cheats

Rebel Assault 2

Cheat Codes:
During gameplay, press [Alt]+[V].  Then type "LETGO".
Press [Esc] to return to the game to activate Force Mode: 

While in Force Mode:
[+]        Decrease damage          
[-]        Increase damage
[Alt]+[E]  Extra life               
[Alt]+[L]  Unlimited lives

To activate Yoda Mode: While in Force Mode, press [Alt]+[V].

Then type ISNOTRY.
While in Yoda Mode:

[Alt]+[J]  Level skip               
[Alt]+[P]   Computer plays
[Alt]+[M]  View the cut-scenes

To activate Dark Side Mode:
While in Yoda Mode, press [Alt]+[V].  Then type JOINME.

While in Dark Side Mode:

[Alt]+[S]  Super Pilot (Has passed all of the levels)
[Alt]+[D]  Debug mode toggle        
[Alt]+[C]   Capture screen shot

Level codes:
Level     Beginnner  Novice   Standard   Expert
2         Jabba      Ewoks    Bantha     Anakin
3         Endor      Chewie   Katana     Kenobi
4         Lachton    Dankin   Dengar     Fortuna
5         Borsk      Noghri   Pellaeon   Onmodon
6         Kroyties   Chamma   Ithull     Ommin
7         Auril      Bogga    Stenness   Ssrekkon
8         Kampl      Incom    Myrkr      Shazeen
9         Ferrier    Kothlis  Churba     Kiirium
10        Galia      Krath    Artoo      Gundark
11        Denaril    Siosk    Satal      Dianoga
12        Sadow      Adegan   Lobue      Atuarre
13        Onderon    Amanda   Denaba     Essada
14        Aleema     Ambria   Sturm      Paploo
15        Cathar     Sylvar   Crado      Nashtah
Finale    Dominus    Miraluka Carrack    Pestage

Enter one of the following pilot names to view their outtakes from
production of the game: Gary Martinez, Julie Eccles, Jamison Jones.

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