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  Hints and Tips for: Recore 
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 Recore Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Taking Down Corebots:
CoreBots with the white marker on their health bar indicates that their 
core is vulnerable. Use the Charged attacks against the CoreBots with 
Shields. You may be aware of this, but try to use the same color gun 
for the enemies you are attacking. Don't always go for the core 
extraction as this will end the combo and every time the combo meter 
increases the damage output increases.

Crafting and Building:
If you are thinking which Corebot is best for FL1-R frame then try 
using Seth as he has increased the Damage output ever since we have 
modified him. Like we said earlier, that cores are important when you 
want to improve your CoreBots, but getting their parts like K-9, 
STURDY SP-DR can help you built high-level and better-looking bots.

The other colored Cores also have multi-use like:

Purple Core Gives - Blue and Red Core Energy.
Orange Core Gives - Yellow and Red Core Energy.
Green Core Gives  - Yellow and Blue Core Energy.

Look for Clues:
A bit of an extension of the explore tip, you always want to be looking 
for items or landmarks that clue you in to more things being nearby. What 
does this mean? Let’s say your wandering around Far Eden and see a massive 
mountain in the middle of the open world section. Nothing takes you to 
its top, but if you look closely you’ll see some items sprinkled around 
it, on small ledges. This should tell you that you can get up to the top,
and that something important might be there, like a Prismatic Core.

Core Foundry:
-=Core Foundry Treasure 1=–
Before the room with the Cellbot socket, go back out the door and look 
right. Follow that path up and at the end you will find a chest.

-=Core Foundry Treasure 2=–
Yellow rifle upgrade, can’t be missed. It is in the room with three
yellow switches.

-=Core Foundry Treasure 3=– 
After you get the two cores you will come to apart with giant rolling 
electric balls. At the top, turn around and follow the platforms to the 
treasure at the end.

-=Core Foundry Treasure 4=– 
Once you prevent the core from exploding, go into the room that just 
opened up. Go on the left side and there is an opening on the stack of 
crates with a chest inside.

-=Core Foundry Treasure 5=– 
After the last chest keep going until you run into rolling electric balls 
again. They are coming from the left and that’s where you want to go. 
When one passes go left and look across the gap for another chest.

-=Core Foundry Treasure 6=– 
A little past the last chest you will come to a point where there are
more electrical balls but have a stopping point instead of going in a
circle. On the left side, if you keep following the path the electric
balls are on, you will run into a crate you can jump up followed by 
another that leads to the top. At the top you can find another chest.

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