Red Faction - Armageddon Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Red Faction - Armageddon 
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 Red Faction - Armageddon Cheats

Red Faction - Armageddon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter these cheats via console menu by pressing the "~" key on the keyboard and then
type in the codes below.

Code                      Result
Givecurrentammo         - Gives player ammo of the weapon he is wielding.
Greedisgood xxxxxxxx    - Gives xxxxx amount of nano energy to player.
tgm                     - Invincibility/ toggle god mod.
sk_max_banshee no#      - Same as above except it is for the banshee.
sk_max_nanorifle no#    - The value of no# is the new max ammo for the nano rifle.
sk_max_pulsegrenade no# - Same thing but for the pulse grenade.
sk_max_weapon no#       - In the desired weapon and the max ammo for that weapon will
                          change to the value of no#. Typed in.
sk_plr_dmg_weapon no#   - The value of the no# is the new amount of damage the desired 
                          weapon that is typed in.
Tdetect                 - Turns AI detection off.

Cheats can be purchased for the indicated salvage price. Pause game play and select 
"Cheats" to access them.

-=Unlimited Ammo=-
Singularity Cannon: 5,000
Pulse Grenade: 5,000
XNG-5000: 5,000
Nano Rifle: 5,000
Banshees: 5,000
Arc Welder: 5,000
Charge Launcher: 5,000
Plasma Beam/Mr. Toots: 5,000
Plasma Cannon: 5,000
Assault Rifle: 5,000
Rail Driver: 5,000
Rocket Launcher: 5,000
Shotgun: 5,000
Pistols: 5,000

-=Weapon Unlocks=-
Napalm Laser: 10,000
Convergence Laser: 8,000
L.E.O. Rocket launcher: 8,000
L.E.O. Machine Gun: 6,000
Lava Barge Turret: 6,000

-=Visual Modes=-
Sketch Mode: 10,000
Night Vision Mode: 8,000

Instant Nano Forge: 10,000
Super Melee: 8,000

Earthbound reference:
Near the start of the game, Kara gives you a "Franklin Amulet" which is 
supposed to protect against lightning.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Mr. Toots, the "Cheats" menu, 
and New Game+ mode.
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