Redline Racer Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Redline Racer 
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 Redline Racer Cheats

Redline Racer

Cheat codes:
Enter one of the following names to activate the cheat function.

Effect                 Name	
All bikes and tracks - ABODE
More accessories     - DISSENT
Hover bike           - REDLINA
Bile effect          - INSOMNIA

Have all bikes,tracks and defficulty levels:
Submitted by: sylvain.jobron

Your name is INSOMNIA

Submitted by: Rocket

Find your redline racer folder then find the document that has how many riders
your against and change it to zero to be the only rider on the track.

1.Type in "dissent" as your name to get more stuff. If you like hot babes
  then on the course Devil's Canyon right you go in a tunnel veer to the 
  right quickly so u don't get put back on and there is girl in a bathing

2.Just Modify The menudata.ini File From 
MaxNumCompBikes=15 To 

Or Whatever # 
That You Want To Be Challenging, But You Need The Config And Wins Fix.

All Tracks-Levels the easy way: 
To get all tracks and levels type your name as "dissent". 

Hidden Bikes and Tracks:
Beat all of the tracks and get first place, then beat them again at a harder
difficulty level. Finally, beat them all in reverse to get several new bikes
and tracks, such as a Dinosaur, a Rocket, a Dog, and a Hoverbike.

No CPU racers:
Use a text editor to edit the "menudata.ini" file in the game directory. 
Change the line 
for no CPU controlled racers. 

Do not deplete turbo:
Instead of holding [Turbo], just tap the key to get the same effect without using
it up.

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