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  Hints and Tips for: Redshirt 
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 Redshirt Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Careering Through Space" achievement:
Your goal is the Career ending. On last day you must have the highest available
job, "Commander's Assistant". The ending unlocked will be "As commander's 
assistant, you left the station with senior officers! You escaped the destruction."
This is the first winning objective the game checks for, before all others. It is
possible to get higher-ranking jobs that you are not qualified for by increasing 
your Charisma to match the job's hiring manager, befriending them, and maxing out
their relationship gauge by repeatedly sending them positive messages. When in 
this state, they will accept you even if you only meet one of the requirements. 

Easy "The Cling On Warrior" achievement:
Your goal is the Relationship ending. On last day, you must be in a long-term
relationship with an Officer or Commander. The ending unlocked will be "Your 
romantic partner invited you on a shuttle with them. You escaped the destruction,
while everyone else suffered a horrible, fiery end. Congratulations!" This is 
the second winning objective the game checks for, after Career and before the 
others. Officers will start appearing on Day 40. This is announced each time by
voiceover and in the global timeline. There will be ten of them by Day 30. You 
should have Career level 7 and Charisma level 7 by this point. Align your 
interests with them, max out their gauge and send relationship requests. Once
you get one, maintain the relationship until the game ends. Save the game 
frequently in the event of a random break up. 

Easy "Impressive Lobes" achievement:
Your goal is the Wealth ending. You have to purchase a "One Shuttle Ticket" 
from the S.H.O.P. for 50,000 Karmacreds and use it to leave the station. The
ending unlocked will be "You have a shuttle ticket! You've escaped the 
destruction thanks to your enormous wealth, while everyone else suffered a 
horrible death." This is the third winning objective the game checks for, 
after Career and Relationship but before Charisma. After saving 10,000 
Karmacreds you will get a message from T'arg, unlocking the "One Shuttle 
Ticket" in the shop. 50,000 Karmacreds can be obtained by working 33 days
at the level 7 "Commander's Assistant" position, which is possible to obtain
by Day 100. On the final day, if you have two tickets or meet the requirements
for the Career or Relationship ending, you will get the option to take one 
person with you.

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