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  Hints and Tips for: Reign of Darkness 
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 Reign of Darkness Cheats

Reign of Darkness

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Getting Started (Level 1-9):
Written by Danger Nicole

When you log in for the first time, you are bound to be confused. Reign of 
Darkness is open-world and doesn’t give much instruction. Here’s a few things 
that will hopefully help you get your first character going.

-=First Things First=-
One of the first things you want to do is to spend your class and skill points.
1) Press the N key to open your Necronomicon.
2) There are eight classes with descriptions. Pick the one that best suits your 
   play-style. You can get a total of three, but for now, pick one.
3) Read through the five abilities. Spend your ten points, making sure to grab 
   an active (not passive) ability.
4) Drag your active ability or abilities to the bar on the bottom of your screen.
5) Close your Necronomicon.
6) Press the C key to open your character info.
7) If not already open, press the red tab to open your skill points.
8) Hover over each skill to read the description and decide what will be most 
   useful. If you’re a spellcaster, I recommend you put some points into Intellect 
   and Magic/Healing. If you are a barbarian or knight, I recommend Strength/Vitality
  and Physical. Read through them all and pick out what you want. They are all beyond
  useful now and later on.

Boom, you are ready to start! But where? Well, don’t rush off to kill things just yet. 
You still need to accept some quests!

Using WASD keys, jog your way around the inside of the castle. You might notice some 
players. You need to find two NPCs though. Griswald, who looks like a male blacksmith, 
and Arissa, who looks like a female rogue.

Right click on them and accept all of their quests. The current ones to focus on are 
Retrieve Venom Sacs, where Arissa asks you to gather some Venom Sacs, which is 
repeatable and very useful for gaining experience and A Favor for a Favor, where 
Griswald asks you to gather some Pork Shanks.

Now, you can head outside. Make your way across the bridge and up the stairs on the 
left. Accept both of Ante’s quests. It shouldn’t take too long for you to kill 30 
scorpions. Save Raw Ore because that’s probably going to take a bit longer.

Now, you’re ready to start murdering giant scorpions and wild boar! Try to attack 
things at your level or lower. Also, if you can, be courteous to other players.

Slay monsters and work on quests. Feel free to accept the sorcerer Pariah’s quest, 
but I don’t recommend going into the next area until your level reaches double digits.

-=What to do if=-
You receive a new equipable item?
– Open your inventory (B or I key) and find the item. Most of the time, if the 
stats are green, it will be better than the item you have and you should equip it. 
However, in some cases, such as amulets/talismans and swords/shields/relics, you 
have to make a decision on what you want to equip. Whatever you don’t equip can 
be sold.

Your inventory fills up?
– Go to Griswald. Instead of clicking on quests click “Trade.” Sell anything you 
don’t want by opening your inventory (B or I key) and right clicking items.

The durability on your items gets low?
– Some NPCs, including Griswald, will repair your gear for a small price. Simply 
click the trade button, then click “Repair All.”

You level up?
– Congrats! You now have 2 more class points to spend on abilities. You can now 
move on to tier 2 abilities. You also have 10 more skill points to spend as you 

A glowing skull drops when I kill something?
– This is loot. Right click the skull while standing near it and a box will pop up. 
You can click each loot item to add it to your inventory or click “Loot All.”

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