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  Hints and Tips for: Rental House 
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 Rental House Cheats

Rental House

Submitted by: RM

From the first scene zoom into the sink and collect the 100 piece coin.

Take a look behind the sinkís stand by clicking down on the pipe and 
then behind the stand. You should find a battery there.

Move to the right and zoom in on the area under the safe picking up the 
piece of card.

Zoom into the picture and take a note of whatís happening here as the 
main clue. Then click the bottom right hand corner to lift it up and 
reveal a trianglar inset. Collect the pill that is inside.

Move to the right so you are facing the cupboard. Open it and collect 
the glass and the other battery. Then open the two drawers to get the 
other piece of card and the torch.

Highlight the torch and open it by clicking the end. Insert the batteries 
and then turn it on.

Combine the two pieces of card to make them whole again.

Move to the right and click behind the strange looking machine to get 
the wheel from the water pipe.

Move right again, click the pipe to focus in, attach the wheel and then 
turn it to re-supply the water.

Zoom out and click the tap to turn the water on. Fill the glass up with 

Move right again and zoom in on the keypad of the safe. Using the completed 
piece of card, trace the same route that is drawn on it onto the keypad of 
the safe. Hint - You start on number 7

When the safe is open, collect the key and the crystal ball.

Finally on this scene, re-lift the picture and shine the lit torch in the 
triangular hole, take a note of the number.

Move right, zoom in on the stand in the corner and place the crystal ball 
on top of it.

Go right twice, flick off the lights, and then return to the crystal ball. 
Note the number being shown in the circle of light. Go right twice again 
to turn the lights back on.

Go left once and use the key to open the dart board cupboard. Collect the 
note book and the 10,000 piece coin.

Note the square shape on the dart board. This equates to the number 15.

Click on the screen of the phone to watch the a

Open the notebook and take note of the sequence of the square, triangle 
and circle.

Move left twice and use the two coins to buy one blue drink (100 piece coin) 
and one red drink (10,000 piece coin). Collect the cans when they fall from 
the drinks machine.

Move back round to the strange machine. Focus in on it and then pour the red 
and blue drinks in (donít forget to open the cans first.) Then pour in the 
glass of water and finally add the pill.

Click in the code taken from the three íshapedí numbers in the order as per 
the notebook. Press the red button and zoom out to collect the yellow can of 

Click to open the can and the animation will kick in. Finally navigate round 
to the door and click it to make your escape.

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