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  Hints and Tips for: Return To Mysterious Island 
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 Return To Mysterious Island Cheats

Return To Mysterious Island

Mouse control:
When ever the big earthquake thing happens, click the Right Mouse Button
to view your inventory. The mouse pointer will glitch.

Fishing rod:
Submitted by: conner54

Combine the forked branch, rope (obtained by combining the knife and brown 
coconut), thorns (obtained by burning acacia thorns to bend them or cutting
the thorns near the cave where you first start a fire -- done by combining 
the knife and forked branch), and worms to make a fishing rod. Use it to 
catch fish to increase your health.

Look down from sky, turn around 180 deg. and go to the cliff. See a man 
ghost above the cliff. Climbing up is not a recourse yet. Look down and 
pick up rusty key +1. Turn right and look up to the nest on the ledge of 
the cliff. Take bird's egg+1. Right click to access inventory and click 
on egg. See a description below that it is inedible raw - to be eaten 
cooked or used in other dishes. Click hold of the items in the transit 
frame and place them in the inventory square slots. Look up and see another
bird's nest that is 'too high'. Turn around, go towards arch and look at 
the wreck of a boat. Click on the hull - biggest wood and it is 'rock solid'.
Pan right and pick up the wet eaweed +1 on the sand.

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