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  Hints and Tips for: Reventure 
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 Reventure Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Shortcuts and Other Unlocks:
Written by mondsemmel

Reventure features 100 endings, many of which require bringing far-off items 
to a variety of places. Some of these endings unlock persistent shortcuts or 
other stuff, which makes reaching the rest much quicker. But you won't know 
which endings unlock what until you've completed them all. Hence this guide.

Shortcuts Available from the Start

Before we get to the unlocks, 
the following shortcuts are available from the start:

* Cannon above the shopkeeper's house. Leads to the courtyard in the dark 
  lord's castle.
* Cannon to the east of the king's castle. Leads to the lake in front of 
  the shopkeeper.
* Cannon on the west side of the dark lord's castle. Leads to the lake in 
  front of the king's castle.
* The Time Whistle in the Mountain can be used to save the game at certain 
  white stone thingies, giving you a convenient checkpoint to which you return
  after completing an ending.

-=Unlockable Shortcuts=-
Ending 51: Unlocks a portal (mirror in the princess' rooms above the king's castle) 
to the elevator in the dark lord's castle. Very convenient. Also unlocks a golden 
Princess statue that decreases the jump height necessary above the king's castle.

Ending 60: Unlocks a hole in the floor of the king's castle, leading to the sewer 

Ending 72: Unlocks a beanstalk to the cloud west of the mountain. You can jump 
from the beanstalk to reach a variety of places even when encumbered by items.

Ending 85: Unlocks a portal from your home to the faerie lake below the courtyard 
in the dark lord's castle.

Also, Ending 100 removes the three white doors with the colored symbols and 
thereby unlocks some post-game content. The doors are in the pirate ship in the 
ocean to the west, at the waterfall, and at the western side of the bridge leading 
to the desert.

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