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  Hints and Tips for: Rex Rocket 
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 Rex Rocket Cheats

Rex Rocket

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

30 lives:
Enter the legendary Konami code at the main menu to start with 30 lives: 
Note: A tune will confirm correct code entryl.

Tech Lt. Tyler's secret room:
Notice that ladder at the top of the Tech Room? If you can use your booster to reach it
(you don't need the Charge Shot), you'll find a room with a few collectibles such as 
info nodes, an expansion, and a missing record. Even more awesome are the decorations
like the Canadian flag and Superman figurine.

Doctor Who easter egg:
Toward the beginning of the game one of the scientist NPCs says"Where's that sonic 
screwdriver? "It's got to be around here somewhere..." when you speak to him, a reference
to the multifunctional tool from the popular Doctor Who television show.

Toy Story easter egg:
At the start of the game one of the Council Guard NPCs will say "Watch out, I've set my 
laser from stun to kill!" This is a reference to when Buzz Lightyear says the same thing
while in Cid's room during the first Toy Story movie.

Collectibles hint:
Since you'll need all the health and ammo expansions you can get for tough bosses (especially
the final boss), you should roam around the game in search of missed expansions whenever you 
get the chance. The vent systems (blue maze-like areas) has plenty of collectibles that are 
easy to miss, while the Upper Decks (starting area) has a few secrets as well. Simply use 
the Hyper Tubes to get around the ship with ease. 	

The BOOMerang:
The BOOMerang is a missable weapon located in the vents system in the Lower Decks. From 
the Lower Decks Hyper Tube (Room 7), head up and then left a few rooms until you see access
to the vents system. Go over one room and in this room (upper left area) you'll find the 
BOOMerang and a few expansions.. Note: Grenades are required to blast the titanium blocks
protecting the weapon. 	

Vent system hint:
The vent systems are the blue maze-light corridors that are infested with Oozligns. Except
for when you must reach the Barracks, they're normally not required and only there as a 
combat-heavy option for reaching destinations. Be sure to explore them as they are filled
with plenty of expansions, missing records, and other collectibles.

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