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  Hints and Tips for: Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality 
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 Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Cheats

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get the Fully Charged Achievement:
Written by Flammy

This a guide to the hardest achievement in this title, Fully Charged: Charge the 
largest battery to 900 or greater. Only 0.18% of users have completed this 
achievement at time of writing and I didnt' find it too difficult and wanted to 

-=The Basics=-
This achievement can only be achieved once you've completed the story and unlocked 
the 3rd and largest battery. You'll know you have the right battery as it is the only
battery with a counter on it. The counter starts at 000. 

For each successful action, the counter will count by 1. 
The goal is to get the counter to 900 or higher. 

Just like when charging the smaller batteries for the various missions, you have 3 
"lives" to fail an action. The only way to fail is to take too long, setting something 
incorrectly does not count as a failure. 

Interestingly, for the trophy on PlayStation, you only need to charge it to 100. 
Clearly, PC has superior gamers.

Is this Even Possible?
If you're reading this guide, you've probably attempted it a few times, maybe even 
gotten up to 50 or 70 before looking for a guide. 

Personally, I charged it to over 900 without getting a single fail. Here is a screenshot. 
Note, none of the fail indicators are lit... also my score is at 968. 

-=Before you Start: Setup=-
I'd recommend having room sized play and make sure your sensors have good coverage 
of your front when you're in the battery station. 

Don't play seated, especially if there is a desk/surface in front of you. You'll want 
to be able to move smoothly. Expect to play a few times to get used to the motions.

For your sanity, consider muting the game. I got this achievement with the sound muted. 
You may find the audio indicators helpful, but I find the incessant beeping annoying 
and stressful. I also believe playing without sound is superior for the strategy 
outlined here.

-=The Strategy=-
My recommended strategy is to start at one end and go to the other end, without regard 
to which specific puzzle lit up first. 

For each of the 5 devices I first check:
* Is it lit? If so, complete it and move to the next. 
* If not lit, immediately move on to the next switch
* If it lights up as you're moving on, ignore it and catch it on the next check.
* Once you reached the last device, immediately switch back to the first one.

Personally, I start on the right side, solving the twist puzzle, then go to the up-down 
lever, then the simple up-down lever, then the 3 buttons, then the plug, at which point 
I've reached the left side and immediately go back to the far right and start on the 
twist puzzle. 

* You can complete the entire pattern without a single one failing at a normal pace.
* You're freed from trying to keep track of which one you need to solve next. 
* As you get faster, more frequently you'll find the puzzle you're looking at to be
  unsolved. This lowers your chance of failure. 
* No sound means no buzzing/beeping. Yay. 

Slow(ish) and steady wins the race. The easiest way to fail is by switching something 
to the wrong setting and getting flustered.

-=Random Notes=-
The first 5 or so lights are slow, then it is the normal speed after that. 
It does not speed up again. 

When first attempting this I got a high score of 50, then 70 before giving up. A few 
days later when I tried again after thinking about this strategy, I immediately got a 
score in the 200s. Then a score in the 600s. Then I beat it. So I probably only 
attempted this 5 or 6 times before achieving it. So this strategy plus a little practice 
and you'll get it too.

Rick and Morty doesn't appear to pop achievements while in VR like some other titles, 
at least for me. It unlocked as expected after I let it fail out when I was safely 
over 900, but there was no in VR notification. 

When charging the hardest battery, the puzzles will always be in the same order, and 
there will always be 5. Smaller batters have fewer puzzles that are in a different 

I find the hardest puzzle is the twist puzzle (far right position). Especially when it 
needs to move two positions clockwise or counterclockwise. 

The I find the next hardest the plug puzzle (far left position). I find it is relatively 
easy to miss which one you're going for. Do note there is some grace for it to snap 
into position.

The 3rd hardest puzzle for me is the lever with multiple positions (in the middle-right). 

The last two puzzles are easy, the simple lever (in the middle) because if it is lit 
you simply switch the position and can't as easily over or undershoot. Lastly, the 3 
buttons puzzle is the easiest and doesn't require grabbing, simply moving your hand 
will activate. I found I could often include a 2nd pass at the 3 button puzzle if it 
happened to be active when rotating back from far left to far right to speed up point 

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