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  Hints and Tips for: Ricochet - Infinity 
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 Ricochet - Infinity Cheats

Ricochet - Infinity

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Zee

Enter one of the following codes during game play.


Effect                               Code 
Finish current level                - debugfinishlevel
Complete current set                - debugunlockset
Unlock all levels of current set   
except the last one                 - debugunlocklast
Unlock all levels of current set    - lxylxy 
Unlock All Levels                   - debugunlockplanets
Unlock all balls, ships and levels  - debugunlockall
(Only unlocks up to GMI rank)
Toggle Rank max or min              - debugmaxrank debugminrank
(Only goes up to GMI rank) 
Reset All Achievements              - debugresetachievements

Effect                    Code 
Acidball                - debugacid
Ballgenerator           - debugballgen
Laserball               - debuglaser
Meg-O-Blaster Gun       - debugbiggun
Blossom                 - debugbloss
EMP Bomb                - debugemp
Ball Catcher            - debugcatch
Shield Expander         - debugexpand
Extra Ion Sphere        - debugextra
Faster Ball             - debugfast
Fire Ball               - debugfire
Ship Freeze             - debugfreeze
Laser Blaster Gun       - debuggun
Lightning Ball          - debuglight
Inline 3 Way Ball Split - debuginline
3 Way Ball Split        - debug3way
8 Way Ball Split        - debug8way
Normal Ball             - debugnormball
Normal Ship             - debugnormship
Nuclear Beam            - debugnuke
Probe                   - debugprobe
Rail Ball               - debugrail
Safety Bumper           - debugsafe
Ship Helper             - debughelper
Ship Specialty          - debugspecialty
Shield Shrinker         - debugshrink
Sight                   - debugsight
Slower Ball             - debugballslow
Small Ball              - debugsmall
Stinger Missiles        - debugsting

Effect                               Code 
Score points faster                - cheatzach 
Slow Motion {Shift+Alt or +ctrl)   - slowmotion
Suicide                            - killmenow
Reversed controls                  - cheatreverse 
Spawn an invader                   - debugspawnspaceship
Get every ring on current set      - debugeveryring
Get all but 2 levels' rings on set - debuggetrings
(NOTE: If used, rings doesnt count towards total)

Effect                        Code 
Toggle FPS                  - showfps
Display Statistics          - pmon
Enable Realtime scaling     - cachedscal
Disable Realtime scaling    - blitx
Toggle Safezone display (?) - xxyyxx
Toggledebugging             - debugon OR debugoff
Load All assets (?)         - xybaxyba[UP ARROW]

[ALL RANKS] - Total Rings Needed, Name, Unlock

  0, Trainee, default
  6, Space Cadet, Green Latern Ship
 11, Lowly Ensign, Ball
 20, Nebula Scout, British Ship
 35, Rookie Pilot, Camo Ship
 50, Pilot, Ball
 65, Accomplished Pilot, Powerdrill Ship
 85, Inspirational Instructor, USA Ship
105, Spaceport Daredevil, Ball
130, Hotshot Pilot, Zebra Ship
155, Flying Ace, Space Monkey Ship
185, Commander-In-Training, Ball
215, Commander, Aqua Striper Ship
245, Distinguished Commander, Translucent Ship
275, Captain-In-Training, Ball
310, Captain, BKR2 Ship
345, Celebrated Captain, Blue Stripe Ship
380, Heroic Captain, Ball
415, Cosmic Crusher, Reflame Ship
455, Space Station Champion, Black and Yellow Stripe Ship
495, Olympic Contender, Ball
545, Master of the Continent, Wik Ship
595, Olympic Gold Medallist, Default Ship
645, Grand Champion, Ball
695, Hero of the World, Gray with Purple Stripe Ship
745, Interplanetary Superstar, Silver Ship
795, Champion of the Solar System, Ball
850, Galactic Superstar, Red Striper Ship
915, Savior of the Galaxy, Green and Yellow Ship
995, Champion of the Universe, Ball
1080, Grand Master of Infinity(GMI), Golden Ship
1300, GMI Silver Badge Tier III, Red Ship
1700, GMI Silver Star Tier II, NONE
2200, GMI Silver Trophy Tier 1, NONE
2800, GMI Gold Ring Tier III, Ball
3550, GMI Gold Medallion Tier II, NONE
4500, GMI Gold Sceptre Tier I, NONE
5750, GMI Platinum Amulet Tier III, NONE
7300, GMI Platinum Staff Tier II, NONE
9250, GMI Platinum Chalice Tier I, Number 26 Ship
11800, GMI Titanium Medal Tier III, NONE
15000, GMI Titanium Cloak Tier II, NONE
19000, GMI Titanium Trident Tier I, NONE
24000, GMI Diamond Talisman Tier III, NONE
30700, GMI Diamond Shield Tier II, NONE
39000, GMI Diamond Gauntlet Tier I, NONE
49500, GMI Adamantium Sword Tier III, NONE
62800, GMI Adamantium Crown Tier II, NONE
80000, GMI Adamantium Throne Tier I, NONE
100000, Ultimate Legendary Supreme Master of Infinity, Number 8 Ship (Mmmm...)


ThE CHEaT *1* --Play your own levels for extra rings:
Want to score more rings faster than downloading new levels and playing them?
Heres how:

1) Create your own levels (cheat a bit if you want, like putting all the rings on
top of eachother and so on...) and test them. Make sure the difficulty level 
is on Easy or higher with your player, or the "UNTESTED LEVEL AND RINGS" 
watermark on the bottom of the screen wont dissapear if you finnish testing them.

2) Now exit the editor and exit the game. Go to where you installed Ricochet.
Open the "Rounds" folder and find your levelset. Eg: Levelset1.RicochetI

3) Rename the file to anything els. Eg: aaaaaarg.RicochetI

4) Start Ricochet again and go to where you play custom levels. It will be there
and you can play it and collect the rings.

5) If you finish all the levels in that set and you have all the rings and want 
more, go rename that file to anything else again and you can play it all over.

6) Repeat step 5 over and over if you want to...

Want the the highest rank (Or that ship) but dont have
enough time to do it because you have a life? Heres how:

1) Firstly, find yourself a HEX Editor. 
(Cheatbook Database has one built in, incase u havent noticed)

2) Find the "data.dat" file in Ricochet's installation folder and
make a backup of it incase you screw up.

3) Open that file (the original one) with the HEX editor. It might take a while
to load because its big.

If your using the cheatbook Hex editor, do this:
When its done, copy the following into the "Find" Box and it'll take you straight
to where you want to be:

If you are using something else and the above doesnt work in it, try finding the word
"crank" a few times till you get to this:

Experience Points=0
....Ship Style Shee
t To Unlock=!None..
...Ball To Unlock=!
None...............**And so forth (results may vary)**

But in escence, Its easy to see where im going. Experience Points equals rings
needed to achieve the named rank. If you scroll down from there you will find the
rest of the rankings.

4) Now to get the highest rank quickly and easily, do the following:

You have to change the number after the "Experience Points" to as low as
Possible. Preferably still in order but I think it doesnt matter.
Heres an exaple of what you should do. EXAMPLE.
If the number is a 6, Change it to a 1
If the number is a 11, Change it to a 02
If the number is a 250, Change it to a 003
If its a 100000, change it to a 000004

You can make all of them one if you want (1, 01, 001, 0001, 00001...)
Thus collecting only one ring will take you to the top.

And Save.

(NOTE: If you realy want to, there is other stuff you can mess around
with in that file. For easier reading, open the "data.dat" file in
wordpad and you can see the coding better. Find the numbers you want
to change and change them with the HEX EDITOR. Keep in mind, you cannot
add or remove letters and numbers, you can only change them.)

5) Go play the game...


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