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  Hints and Tips for: RimWorld 
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 RimWorld Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Development Mode:
Load RimWorld and press the "Options" button, accessible from the main menu.
The middle column, labeled "Gameplay," has a "Development Mode" option, 
which you should activate. Now you'll be able to play the game and modify 
features, as if you've activated a cheats console in some other game. 
Experiment with the available options and you'll find that you can enable 
God Mode, spawn items, and view stats about your game world.

Now that Development mode is activated, create a new world and colony and 
test your mod:

1. Create world;
2. Create a colony, probably on Free Build difficulty;
3. The following icons: image can now be found in the top-right;
  1-image Open the debug log = Clicking this opens the debug log;
  2-imageOpen the package editor = Opens the package editor, 
    which allows you to preview and modify Sounds and Hair;
  3-imageOpen the view settings = Allows you to activate graphic 
    overlays and cheats like Fast Research;
  4-imageOpen debug actions menu = 
    This menu allows you to do all sorts of things;
    Incidents allows you to spawn in raids or execute incidents;
    Actions – Misc contains a few buttons that complete research, 
              continue the in-game tutorial, etcetera;
    Tools – General contains explosions and damaging things, snow 
            actions, plant growth and some more advanced AI 
    Tools – Pawns holds tools which alter Pawn appearance, levels, 
            health and jobs;
    Tools – Spawning allows you to spawn Pawns, Items in different 
            stack sizes, Terrain and Filth;
    Autotests contains some stress tests like spawning in an entire 
    colony in different stages, burning everything and killing lots 
    of pawns at once.
5. imageOpen debug logging menu = Contains buttons which log parts 
   of the game in the Debug Log;
6. imageOpen the inspector = Gives a lot more information when 
   hovering over things;
7. imageToggle god mode = Toggles God mode, which allows you to 
   build things without cost;
8. imagePause the game when an error is logged = Toggles exactly 
   what it says.

Trading Tips & Tricks:
* Colonists with a higher social skill using the comms console will negotiate 
  whwer buying prices for everything but the commodities (0.5% per social skill point).
* Likewise, colonists with a higher social skill will negotiate for higher selling 
  prices for everything but the commodities (0.5% per social skill point).
* Trade is influenced by your trader’s ability to speak and hear. Damage to any such
  parts will ruin trade prices, and conversely bionic enhancements (no such 
  enhancements exist as of vanilla Alpha 16) will improve trade.
* Selling a prisoner is profitable, but has a negative impact on the happiness of 
  all colonists (excludes psychopaths). To prevent exploiting a recruiting loophole, 
  you cannot buy back a prisoner you just sold.
* Food and textiles can be quickly grown on hydroponics basins, or in large amounts 
  from large growing zones, which makes farming a viable income source, provided 
  there’s enough manpower to tend to the crops.
* It is recommended to put your comms console in or near the bedroom of the colonist
  with the highest social skill for convenient trading.
* All traders carry a limited amount of silver, so they may not be able to buy 
  everything you wish to sell. You can still give them things but everything they 
  receive will be for free, as they cannot afford to pay.
* Sculptures can be created with a sculptor’s table and sold to traders. Since 
  trade ships carry a limited amount of silver, though, you may find that you 
  cannot sell a very expensive sculpture while obtaining the full value in silver.
* You can trade your expensive items (weapons, sculptures) for other desirable items 
  if the trade ship doesn’t have enough silver to complete the transaction. Of course, 
  the amount of silver you can gain is lower, but it is usually better to have a lot 
  of cheap items than an expensive one in your store.

Useful Tips & Tricks:
* member, if you don’t know what something is or what it does, you can almost always 
click the ‘i‘ button somewhere on its panel to get more information. This is also how 
you get detailed information.
* If you click on a Colonist, you can get various bits of information about them by 
using the tabs above their panel, but the most useful ones are Character and Needs. 
Character gives their skills and unique traits. Needs will tell you their mental 
state. At first, you can’t do much to alleviate needs like a personal bedroom (always 
at least 5 by 5 in size!) or a desire for robot limbs, but it’s easy to make a Nudist 
happy by going to the Assign menu and giving them permission to never wear clothes.

* Using the Power section in the Architect menu, build Wind Turbines and Solar Panels, 
then connect them to batteries to store up energy. Make sure to keep your batteries 
indoors—they get disastrous when wet. Once you’ve done that, Wall off or dig out a 
good size room near your common area and install Coolers, under Temperature with their 
blue side facing inwards. Make sure the red side points outdoors. Set their target 
temperature to 0 Celsius, make the inside of the room a Stockpile for raw food, 
to-be-butchered animal bodies, and prepared meals. Voila, you have a freezer. 
Now you won’t starve when winter comes.

* Prepare for your first winter by ensuring that you’ve made a tailoring bench and 
a few Parkas and Tuques—unless you’re in the tropics or the desert, where you should 
be focusing on Dusters and Cowboy Hats to keep off the heat.

* Wild and Tamed animals will eat your crops and food if you let them. Kill the wild 
animals and restrict your animals in a zone that only contains hay or kibble.

* Visitors will get into your freezer and drink your beer regardless if you forbid 

* Thenotification when a hungry predator attacks a colonist is easily missed, only 
manhunters trigger the red flashing envelope notification. Be wary if there’s a wild 
predator hanging around your base.

* If a person crash lands in an escape pod and you want to recruit them, you must 
capture them and then recruit them like any other prisoner, even if they’re a 
colonist’s family member. If you choose rescue, they will simply be released when 
they’re healed.

* RimWorld’s character economy is driven entirely by beds. To take prisoners from 
those who crash nearby or only get disabled when attacking you, and thereby get 
new converts to your settlement, you’ll need to put beds or sleeping spots in an 
enclosed room and mark them as prisoner beds along the bottom. Then, under each 
prisoner’s unique tab, tell your Wardens to recruit them. Take care not to crowd too 
much or you’ll end up with the same kinds of problems that crowding your Colonists 
gives! Oh, and, if their recruitment difficulty is too high go to the Health tab and 
harvest their organs for sale on the black market. Or let them go to gain goodwill 
with their tribe. Or just execute them if they’re filthy pirates.
* Got a good Animals skill among your crew? Tame some of the local beasts like 
alpaca or muffalo for a source of wool and milk that your Colonists will automatically 
harvest. If you’re feeling particularly daring you can try to tame wolves or lions. 
Under the Animals tab you can set restrictions on where your creatures are allowed to 
go. (Keep them out of your food stores. They’ll eat your food and drink your beer.) 
You can also set specific animals to be trained in specific ways—camels as hauling 
creatures and huskies as companion and rescue dogs, for example.

* Don’t forget to get creative! Some of the best moments in games like this are because 
you used something in a way it wasn’t intended to be used. Make a death trap using 
steam vents! Build an empire based on raising and selling dogs to passing trade 
ships! Build stasis capsules and use them to keep prisoners in suspended animation 
until you can sell them off!

* The best way to learn RimWorld is to play and find the fun in failure. Maybe your 
whole colony will burn to the ground, but something funny will probably happen in 
the process.

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