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  Hints and Tips for: Rising World 
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 Rising World Cheats

Rising World

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

Written by red51

This guide contains a list of all console commands for Rising World (as of 
In order to enter a console command, you have to open the ingame console by pressing 
the ~ key, ` key or ^ key on your keyboard (depending on your keyboard layout).

-=General Commands=-
settime [hour] [minute]
Changes current ingame time
Example: settime 12
Synonyms: tod

setdate [day] [month] [year]
Changes current ingame date

setweather [weathertype] [instant 0/1]
Changes current ingame weather (types: clear, default, overcast, rain, heavyrain, 
rainthunder, heavyrainthunder, storm, fog, densefog)
Example: setweather heavyrain
Synonyms: weather

Sets default spawn position (every new player spawns at this position)
Synonyms: setdefaultspawnposition, setspawnposition, setdefaultspawn

Sets default spawn inventory (every new player spawns with this inventory)
Synonyms: setdefaultspawninventory, setinventory

Sets default spawn clothes (every new player spawns with these clothes)
Synonyms: setclothing, setclothes, setdefaultspawnclothing, setspawnclothing

Spawn Commands
item [itemname] [amount] [variation]
Gives an item to yourself
Example: item pickaxe 1
Note: See Item Names guide to get the names of individual items

object [objectname] [variation]
Gives an object (e.g. furniture) to yourself
Example: object piano
Note: See Item Names guide to get the names of individual objects

clothing [clothingname] [color1 rgb] [color2 rgb] [color3 rgb]
Gives a piece of clothing to yourself
Example: clothing tux_jacket
Synonyms: giveclothes, clothes
Note: See Item Names guide to get the names of individual clothes
itembag [itemname1] [itemname2] [itemname3] …
Gives a bag item to yourself containing various items
Example: itembag pickaxe axe sickle rake

spawnnpc [npcname]
Spawns a new NPC
Example: spawnnpc cow
Synonyms: createnpc

spawnvehicle [vehicle]
Spawns a vehicle.
Example: spawnvehicle rowboat

Teleportation Commands
goto [playername/position]
Teleports you to another player or to a specific position
Example: goto 10 50 -40
Synonyms: setposition, setpos

gethere [playername]
Teleports another player to your position

teleport [playername] [targetplayer/position]
Teleports a player to another players position
Synonyms: tp

Teleports you to the spawn position

Teleports you to the surface

Saves your current position (teleport to this position with “gotomark” command)
Synonyms: savepos, saveposition, setmark

Teleports you to the previously saved position (see “mark” command)

Multiplayer Commands
kick [playername] [reason]
Kicks a player from the game (Multiplayer)
Example: kick Testplayer Griefing is not allowed!

ban [playername] [duration] [reason]
Bans a player from the game (Multiplayer). Duration in minutes, use -1 duration for permanent ban
Example: ban Testplayer 60 You are banned for 1 hour now!

offlineban [playeruid] [duration] [reason]
Bans an offline player from the game (i.e. a player who isn’t currently connected). 
Duration in minutes, use -1 duration for permanent ban
Example: offlineban 76561197960265720 -1 Griefing is not allowed
Synonyms: banofflineplayer, bano, banoffline

unban [playeruid]
Unbans a player, i.e. lift a ban (Multiplayer)
Example: unban 76561197960265720

deleteplayer [playeruid]
Deletes player data from world database (to fix corrupted player data)
Example: deleteplayer 76561197960265720

yell [message]
Sends a yell message to all players (Multiplayer)
Example: yell Server restarts in 5 minutes!
Synonyms: shout, globalmessage

Shutdown server (Multiplayer)

makeadmin [playername]
Gives admin permission to player
Synonyms: addadmin, setadmin

revokeadmin [playername]
Revokes admin permission from player
Synonyms: deleteadmin, removeadmin

setplayergroup [playername] [groupname]
Sets player permission group
Synonyms: setgroup, group, spg

setofflineplayergroup [playeruid] [groupname]
Sets offline player permission group
Synonyms: setplayerofflinegroup, sopg, setplayergroupoffline, offlinegroup, setofflinegroup

setdefaultgroup [groupname]
Sets default permission group (for new players)

getserverinfo [type]
Gets certain server information (Multiplayer). 
Types: memory, worldstatus, sql, systemtime, gc, chunkhash
Example: getserverinfo memory
Synonyms: getserverinformation, serverinfo, queryserverinfo, queryserver, queryserverinformation

getplayerinfo [type]
Gets player information (Multiplayer). Types: ip, info, dbid
Synonyms: queryplayer, queryplayerinformation, getplayerinformation, queryplayerinfo, playerinfo

NPC Commands
Locks the NPC you’re currently looking at

Unlocks the NPC you’re currently looking at

setnpcinvincible [0/1]
Enables/disables invincibility for the NPC you’re currently looking at

givenpcitem [itemname]
Gives an item (tools or weapons) to an NPC (the NPC you’re currently looking at). 
Only works for humans and skeletons
Example: givenpcitem repeater
Synonyms: giveitemtonpc, npcgiveitem

editnpc [id]
Opens dialog which allows you to edit the NPC you’re currently looking at. 
Optionally you can provide the npc global id
Synonyms: setnpcskin

getnpchere [id]
Teleports an NPC to your position. Either look at the NPC or provide the global id

Gets some debug information about the NPC you’re currently looking at

disablenpc [type]
Permanently disables an NPC for this world. This also deletes already spawned NPCs
Example: disablenpc bandit

enablenpc [type]
Re-enables an NPC for this world which has been disabled before.
Example: enablenpc bear

deleteallnpcs [npctype] [radius]
Deletes all NPCs in your world. Optionally you can restrict this command to a specific 
NPC type only. If you just want to disable all NPCs, type “deleteallnpcs CONFIRM”
Example: deleteallnpcs bandit 500
Synonyms: deletenpcs

Building Commands
setp [precision]
Sets construction position precision
Example: setp 0.1
Synonyms: setpositionprecision, setconstructionposition

Saves construction position precision, so it will be applied automatically the next 
time you start the game
Synonyms: saveconstructionposition

setr [precision]
Sets construction rotation precision
Example: setr 0.1
Synonyms: setconstructionrotation, setrotationprecision

Saves construction rotation precision, so it will be applied automatically the 
next time you start the game
Synonyms: saveconstructionrotation

setl [precision]
Sets construction resize precision
Example: setl 0.1
Synonyms: setsizeprecision, sets, setconstructionsize

Saves construction resize precision, so it will be applied automatically the 
next time you start the game
Synonyms: saveconstructionsize

Enables/disables collision when placing construction elements
Synonyms: cc

rotation [mode]
Changes rotation mode for construction elements. Modes: world, local, legacy
Example: rotation local

Removes the previously placed blueprint
Synonyms: undobp

Sets whether or not terrain blueprints should also include air
Synonyms: bpincludeair, bpair

size [x] [y] [z]
Changes the size of the currently active construction element
Example: size 2 4 0.01
Synonyms: setsize, setelementsize, s

id [id]
Changes the current id when placing construction elements or terrain
Synonyms: setid

flipimage [y]
Flips/mirrors an image (poster) in the world (no parameter flips horizontally, 
parameter ‘y’ flips vertically)
Synonyms: flipimg, mirrorimage, mirrorimg

editconstruction [action] [values]
Edits a construction element in the world (i.e. planks, beams etc). 
Actions: texture, resize, setsize, rotate, setrotation
Example: editconstruction texture 182
Synonyms: editc

Plugin API Commands
Enables you to change the item position. Useful when creating custom items 
(plugin API). Press Return to copy the coordinates to clipboard 
(Shift+Return copies rotation).

Enables you to change the first-person body position. Useful when creating custom 
items (plugin API). Press Return to copy the coordinates to clipboard 
(Shift+Return copies rotation).

playsound [soundname]
Plays a sound effect (Debug command)

stopsound [soundname]
Stops a sound effect (Debug command)

Image / Video Commands
create360degreeimage [frames] [speed]
Creates multiple screenshots (the camera moves around and looks at the center position)

Set the center position for taking multiple screenshots

startvideocapturing [quality 0-1] [fps]
Captures a framerate-independent video (no audio)

Stops video capturing

Other Commands
gm [mode]
Changes the current game mode. 0 for survival, 1 for creative
Example: gm 1
Synonyms: setgamemode, gametype, setgametype

viewdistance [distance] [detail distance]
Changes the view and detail distance. Using too high values (distance ] 50, detail ] 21) 
may cause trouble
Example: viewdistance 20 9

setcrosshair [type]
Changes the default crosshair

Saves the world (calling this method is usually not necessary)
Synonyms: forcesave, saveworld

Shows your current local IP (IPv4)

findbase [type]
Finds the highest concentration of man-made structures (most likely your base) 
in the world (prints X Y Z coordinates – use it with the “goto” command). 
Types: blocks, constructions, objects
Example: findbase constructions

Toggles an fps indicator in the bottom right corner of the screen
Synonyms: fps

Toggles the hud

Prints the current ingame time and date

settimespeed [speed]
Changes the time speed temporarily 
(singleplayer only, higher values result in slower time progress)

Quits the game
Synonyms: q, quit

help [command]
Get information about certain console commands
Synonyms: h

Debug Commands
Reloads the custom journal
Synonyms: rj, reloadcustomjournal

Reloads all plugins
Synonyms: rp

Unloads all plugins (they’re no longer active after this call)

Lists all currently installed/running plugins (Singleplayer)

Kills your character

Changes the world version numer (Debug command)

Enables/disables world generation

Freezes the audio listener position (Debug command)

Clears your inventory (removes all items)
Synonyms: ci

Forces your character to respawn

Toggles the mouse cursor visibility (Debug command)

guicolor [rgba]
Changes the color of the currently hovered gui element (Debug command)

renderobject [name] [variation]
Renders a 128×128 thumbnail (png) of an object (e.g. furniture) and stores 
the image in the “renderoutput” folder in the game directory
Example: renderobject workbench 2

setmaxfps [maxfps]
Sets the max framerate
Example: setmaxfps 200

volume [volume]
Changes the audio volume temporarily (0-1). No parameter mutes/unmutes the sound
Example: volume 0.5

setresolution [width] [height]
Sets the resolution (width x height)
Example: setresolution 1920 1080

Refreshes the map tiles

Toggles wireframe mode

Deletes all unused custom images from the world folder. You cannot revert this.

Toggles hardware skinning (GPU skinning)

Toggles hud crosshair (Singleplayer only)

Outputs all names of players which are currently connected to the server (Multiplayer)

Toggles the collision wireframe mode

Resets the camera rotation

Clears the ingame memory cache

Removes all cached world parts
Synonyms: clearworldcache

Clears the asset cache
Synonyms: cac

Causes the game to crash oO

Reloads all post processor shaders

Reloads all textures

Reloads all materials / shaders

Reloads all player materials / shaders

Reloads all GUI materials / shaders

Resets the camera rotation. Helps if cam rotation is NaN (screen turns white) or flipped
Synonyms: resetcam

Triggers the garbage collector (frees memory)

Prints the graphics card name

Prints some system information

Prints java information

Prints memory information

Prints all current JVM arguments

Creates a report file in your game directory which contains game/system information

Opens the game directory

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