Rival Stars Horse Racing Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Rival Stars Horse Racing 
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 Rival Stars Horse Racing Cheats

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Money:
Written by Mellinda

A quick guide with some tips on how to start making money on Rival Stars!

-=Don't Hire Jockeys=-
Hiring jockeys is a big waste of money - just don't do it! Chances are that you 
actually have a higher chance of winning, rather than a bot. This takes a lot 
out of your wallet and it's not worth it. Odds barely increase if you hire one. 
Heck, they don't increase. They decrease. I have strategies that I use for my 
races, such as not using sprint at final stretch until a second or two after, 
staying in the middle of the pack to charge up my sprint the whole race until 
the last few meters, etc. Bots are bots. They aren't programmed with these 
strategies- that I know of. It's best to rely on yourself more than a bot. So 
try and stay away as much as possible from hiring jockeys!

-=Don't Breed for Colour=-
I know, having a bunch of grade 4 midnight-black horses may be fun, but don't 
fill up your stable with those. Don't breed just for a pretty coat.

Breeding for coats is almost useless, as high-grade horses will be much more 
sufficient in their races. If you're prestige level 15-20, stay. Away.

I doubt you'll use them for anything, other than being proud of your black horse, 
and them becoming a living dust-collector. There's other races that require a 
much higher level and grade for you to get a good ranking in them, and those 
grade 4 horses won't do you good.

If you already have some colour horses that are low-grade and reading this, 
you may be thinking about selling them..? Don't. It's very possible that you 
spent some good money for the breeding, training, etc. Sadly Rival Stars wont 
give you a great profit for selling a horse, even though you probably spent an 
extra 20-300k on that horse. If you sell it, you will end up losing money 
instead of getting money for that horse. Instead try and level it up (if it's 
not already) and do some races with it to get it some winnings. 
This was basically 2 chapters in one- don't breed for colour and don't sell 

-=Always Bet on Yourself=-
This is a very useful strategy in racing. Always bet on yourself, and bet max 
price if you're sure you'll win.

You will end up making tons of money. i.e, there's a race that'll give me 3k 
for a win. If I go all in on betting on myself, I make 4k, and end up getting 
7k. Imagine this with bigger races that give you more money. 
That's a ton more weight into your wallet!

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