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  Hints and Tips for: Robot Arena 
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 Robot Arena Cheats

Robot Arena

Submitted by: Jesse Emory

While in the Bot Lab, rename your bot to cheatbot. Do not capitalize the C or B, and make
it only one word. Then, press Enter, and look through your weapon section, and you should
find an electric switchblade. In the accessories, there should be a zombie skull for cool
decorations. Enjoy! 

Submitted by: JOKER

When building and a sign pops up saying it weighs to much. Take off armor,keep building 
then put it back on,then you have weight less.

Submitted by: nightraider

Just type '$' (without quotes) while you're building a bot and you get $50.000.

Better Bot:
First go to edit your bot, then slowly delete the name. Enter cheatbot for the name and 
push enter. You'll get a new weapon and accessories like skulls and better wheels.

Exceed the 750 Pound Weight Limit:
First buy all the accessories and items, then buy your armor last to exceed the 750 pound 
weight limit.

At the bot lab hold [shift] and press 4. you will have 50,000 dollars if you have more 
than 50,000 it will return to 50,000 if you enter this cheat a lot of times it will not
go higher than50,000.

Change sounds:
Before starting the game, open Windows Sound Recorder. Select "File" and go down to "Open
Or Load File" then search for the "Robot Arena" folder and open "Sounds". Right click on 
the sound that you want to change, and click "Play". If that is the sound you want to 
change, double click it. This should bring you back to Sound Recorder. Go to "Options" 
and go to "Delete After Current Location". Press "Record" and make a sound . Replay it, 
and if you like it, save it. Play game and if done correctly, you should hear your sound 
rather than the original sound.

Easy money:
Create a robot with a Battering Ram. It does not matter what else you add, but make sure 
you have at least $100. Do a Custom Challenge and fight against Zombie. The arena, time, 
and hazards can be set as desired, but make sure that it is a match to the death. Also, 
increase the bet money to as high as possible. When you fight, hold [Forward] for your 
bot and you should win easily due to Zombie's extremely weak chassis. After collecting 
your prize money, repeat the trick, increasing your money bet each time.

Updated opponents:
Build up a lot of money before downloading the v1.0.0.3 patch, because the opponent 
robots will be supercharged. For example, Zombie now has two chain saws in the front 
and Urban Menace has new wheels and two knife blades that poke out in front of him. 
You will also have new robot opponents. Some of them include Topknot, an updated 
Gammaraze, ScooterPie, Sixpack, Pontoon, and Triclops. It is a good idea to win 
tournament mode before you get the patch, as there will be nine robots instead of seven
and the dollar values are lowered for winning a match. You will also get a new weapon, 
the chain saw.

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