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  Hints and Tips for: Robot Rage Rearmed 
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 Robot Rage Rearmed Cheats

Robot Rage Rearmed

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Colin

Ask a friend to come on with you from his/her computer. Then when you are 
battleing tell them to keep falling off the cliff, when its over ask to 
play again, it lets you do this four times then goes to the lobby, just go
in a pattern you win 4 he/she wins 4 you should get rich fast!

Perfect Account:
Create A new Account. Sell your 4 small wheels and buy 3 wheels, now you 
should have enough money for a alkanite battery buy it and equip it. Buy
a dagger and equip it. Go to the lobby any country with people. since you 
only have dagger people would think your weak so more people will challenge
you, most likly a - robot has hydrone battery so let them follow you while 
you run and sooner or later they will run out of battery. 
Then just bash then with your dagger 

Endless battery:
If you keep on pressing left and right alternately you will go forward 
(slowly) and you'll lose no battery! 

Easy credit:
If you ask someone to kill go to the eg and when they are comeing move out
of the way and then they well fall down. 

All cheats:
Instead of going to miniclip or wherever you usually do, type fault.php in the address bar. It will come up with a
page that contains no ads (last time I looked at it!) and a box with the 
original RR in it, the older one that was good and had chat and all the 
easy cheats etc. 

1,000,000 credits:
First of all you go to a battle with anyone and type hello if the type hi 
back or hello go and fall off the edge and then go to the workshop and you 
will have the claw on the front, a flamethrower on the top and homing missles 
on the back and 1,000,000 Credits. 

Win game easily:
When you are battling someone tell them "i know a cheat" then say type in 
"345 + 567 + 923 + F5" it seems like a cheat but when they type F5 they're 
computer will go back to the login bit and you will automatically win!

Easy money:
Play in two player mode with a friend. During a match, have the other player 
intentionally fall off a cliff. Play again when prompted. You can do this a 
total of four times before returned to the lobby. Take turns doing this to 
earn both players easy money.

Get someone to chalenge you quicker:
Go to the country with the most people (ex:united states) go down to the end 
of the list of people, than wait till someone shows up at the need of the list 
and as soon as they show up, clcik on them and they will accept. 

Flash bomb strategy:
I got a very good strategy here. Buy a flash bomb and a plow or a dagger. Stand 
next to the cliff, when they come next to you, just bomb them. Just bomb them. 
So they’ll be blind actually for 10 seconds. Hurry up and waste no gay time so 
as I am continuing. Go in back of them and just bash them off the cliff since 
they don’t see even a shit.

Instant win:
Tell them you’ve got a cheat and say "if you type in armour+f4 you’ll have 
unlimited amour" and if they do it they will be sent back to their icon page.

If a noob comes up and keeps bashing you with dagger eventually youll stick 
to them and be pushed around the roof maybe even thrown off the edge!

Sneek up:
Make sure you have a fast robot then go to a battle when the battle starts do 
a flash bomb (if you have 1) then go behind your opponent (while there still 
blind) and start fallowing them around and sooner or later they will give up 
and you will win. 

Cool visual:
This isn't really a cheat. In the lobby, click on any robot. If their picture 
appears, grab it (hold left mouse button) and move your cursor to the far right 
of the screen. Then launch the cursor (literally) across the screen letting go 
of the left mouse in the middle. The picture will look like it has multiple 

Submitted  by: ace

GET 1m (1,000,000) FREE CREDITS.
Go to the lobby in eastern US and battle NEW rob0t

Beggining Trick:
If ur a begginer just starting, don't buy the power axe and go. This is the smart
way 2 win. Take off and sell ur 4 wheels and hydrogen battery. Then buy the 3 wheel
set and the Alkaline Battery. Then, during a battle w/ another begginer, let them 
just chase u around until they run out of battery and finish them off w/ a dagger.

Submitted  by: cheatsbook
1 - go to workshop 
2 - sell all your robot parts 
3 - now go to "buy parts" 
4 - go to super weapons and click super pack 1 (or) 2 
5 - type 1123581321 . the screen will become yellow. 
6 - wait for about 5 seconds. It will come back to normal. 
7 - now log out of your account and close your web browser and shut down your computer.
8 - the next time you log in you will be having a superpack and all the other parts!

RobotRage Paintshop Credit Glitch:
Are you tired of slowley getting Credits?
Do you want an Easier and Incredibly Faster way to get those sought after Parts?
If so,Then this is the Glitch for you!

1. First of all open the game.
2. Once loaded enter your username and Email in and load your robot.
3. Remove the Chassi of your robot and go to the shop.
4. Click on the Chassi and go sell, but dont click the SELL NOW button yet.
5. Now while the Chassi is selected to be sold go to the Paintshop.
6. Hover your Mouse around just above where the Tower would usually be.
7. Keep hovering until you find that your Mouse Arrow turns into a Hand with a finger.
8. Repeatibly click this and you will see that the SELL NOW button has come up.
9. Keep clicking until you have the desired amount of Credits.
10. Buy what ever you want and start Smashing! Enjoy!

Saw trick:
Go and get a saw then go up to your enemy and ram him then turn it on. He will struggle 
causing his battery to drop at high speed. If that doesnt happen at least you hurt him.

Flash bombs:
If you have flash bombs take them off! if you are battling an opponent with them,
great! to do it, if the opponent uses a flash bomb, look in the very middle of the
screen. You can see faintly everything!

Easy money:
Start the game with a robot. Open another web browser. Sign in the game as a different 
user (you must have another email address for this to work with another robot). Then,
go into the lobby and choose a country (for example, Australia), then select a server
(for example, East). On your original browser, select the same country and server as 
your other robot. Quickly click the "Challenge" button and challenge your other robot.
Quickly go to your other robot and click "Yes" to accept the challenge. Then quickly 
switch back to the robot that challenged your other robot. You now have a dummy robot
that you can kill, get money, and use to level up. After a certain number of times 
you must also level up your dummy robot so you can continue this trick.

Get credits easily:
Go on U.S.A east and look for a robot called bloodyfight me its a hack robot! If it 
challenges you accept and lose to it50 times then you'll have 100'000 creds it really 

Go to the original RR page (above) ok now:
Submitted by: chris

*log in.
*take off everything DONT SELL.
*go to sell parts.
*click on your engine DONT SELL.
*go to paintshop.
*click on the color in the bottom right ~darkest black~.
*then mouse your mouse a little bit lower until your mouse turns into a pointer.
*click and it should be a blue/gray box that says sell something.
*just keep clicking that.
*the more you click the more credits you get.

auto clicker available at 
hope that helped.

Standing on air:
1. Equip a kamikaze bomb for 300 credits.
2. Equip a hydrogen battery for 50 credits
3. Equip a large engine deluxe for 700 credits (1,050 credits total)
4. Go to training
5. Go near the edge, but go back and forth until the battery begins blinking.
6. Hold up(make sure to hold up or else you will fall)
7. You will go off the edge but if you hold the up button you will be driving on air!
8. Use the kamikaze bomb.
9. It will explode and you will be still, but on air!
10.You will only be standing for one second. then you will fall 
   (but it's training, so you will not lose any money!)

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