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  Hints and Tips for: Rock of Ages 2 
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 Rock of Ages 2 Cheats

Rock of Ages 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

I wouldn't recommend you to read this before you complete the game, 
might ruin your fun.

Its simple as that! Win an online match in the war gamemode. If you need 
help with doing that, i suggest you try the campaign first as training.

I personally did this in bologna since the AI is bugged on that map currently 
and will often get stuck after the cannons. Try to use elephants anvil bulls 
lion balloons, towers, explosives to stall the enemy boulder while you are 
pestering it with lightning, when its health is low time it so the lightning 
deals the killing blow. Its not as hard as it seems, i destroyed a lot of 
boulders throughout the campaign, the ai seems to be oblivious to explosives 
and roll into a lot of them, so explosive spam might work too, but watch out, 
dont put the explosives too close to each other or else the boulder touches 
one, explodes, knocking it back while the other barrels blow up in a chain 

The thinker will always have a speech bubble next to its head, showing what 
its thinking about, memorise the spawnlocations of the defenses and watch out.
You have a 2nd jump every once in a while, dont forget about it. 

Dragon Sphere:
Quite easy, watch out for the dragon's tail swipes occasionally, and just 
try not to be in the water, respawning damages your boulder slightly. 

Rally Boulder:
The prehistoric wheel is very good for this once you learn how to control 
it as that has one of the if not the highest speed of all boulders.

Spotless Door:
You'll usually get this when you get thundergod mostly because if you are 
capable of setting up defenses that are capable of destroying the AI's 
boulder, then it should be able to work on multiple boulders. Meaning that
if you destroyed it once, should work on all of its attempts, still, might 
take several tries. 

Board the Ship:
This is a tricky one, watch otu for its tail swipes, the balloon boulder 
is slow so even though you can stay in the air for long, you can't manuever
well, take your time, you aren't rushing, if you need to fall back because 
you can't move forward then do so. Its all about a bit of luck and patience. 

Sturdy Cat Toy:
Watch out for its leap attacks, try circling around it, and always jump before 
it lands, or else you'll be buried in the ground for a short while. Once the 
fight is in phase 2 you need to jump when it lands, and when it manages to 
free itself from being stuck due to the cone, otherwise, its the same. You can 
only damage it when its stunned after a leap and its eyes are circling. 

Easy achievement, hide behind the last defending statue and the goal and wait
till the time ticks down to 0:02, then roll into the goal of the enemy and by
the time his ball hits the field you'll win. 

Easy achievement. Go to oxfordshire, war on easy, setup defenses and stall 
the game, you'll need 3 hits on the enemy game to destroy it. 

For now this seems to be bugged, im unable to achieve it. 

To get this you need to complete every map on war mode, and obstacle course.
Obstacle course is all about speed, map awareness and knowledge on how to 
cut corners. Easy achievement, do the obstacle courses with the prehistoric
wheel. Also, the boss fights (not including the final boss) too. 

Olympic bronze:
Complete every map in time trial mode with a bronze rating at least. 
You'll get this when you complete Olympic Gold. 

Olympic Silver:
Complete every map in time trial mode with a silver rating at least. 
You'll get this when you complete Olympic Gold. 

Olympic Gold:
Now this achievement can be challenging. Momentum is everything, you fall 
out of the map once, restart. You slow down, you restart. This requires you 
to know every map from start to finish, know how to cut the corners are 
precise execution, you'll retry many times till you get it, but its all 
about practice. Cut corners, use the wheel, and practice.

Written by Magyarharcos

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