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  Hints and Tips for: Rockman X4 
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 Rockman X4 Cheats

Rockman X4


Hold UP while selecting Zero at the character select 
screen. When the game starts you will notice Zero is black. This 
is NOT just a new graphic as is written somewhere in this 
database, but when Zero runs low on health then this hovering 
robot appears above you, which if you kill with your sword you 
will get a health capsule.


Usually to get the ultimate armor you have to visit all the 
armor capsules in different stages and get the ultimate armor 
piece by piece, but the following tells how to get the full armor 
by finding only one armor capsule & also the energy of your 
super weapons (the weapons you get after defeating level 
bosses)will not decrease, unless you charge the super weapon.
At the character select screen hold DOWN while selecting X. 
You will notice when the game starts, parts of megaman is purple. 
Now visit any armor capsule and instead of 
getting a part of the ultimate armor you will get the full armor. 
You will also then notice that the energy of your super weapons 
(the weapons you get after defeating level bosses)will not 
decrease, unless you charge the super weapon.
Now, you ask where are the armor capsules. There are many but you'll 
only need one after applying the above cheat. The easiest to find 
is the one in the Web Spider's Stage. In the place where the big 
waterfall appears behind you there is an area to the extrme right 
where there is an armor capsule. Just explore in the area, you'll 
find it. 

NOTE: Armor capsules only appear for X and not Zero.)

Submitted: Ahmad Syazwan

When you want to select charecter,press down and ENTER in the same time 
for rockman and you will easier to get a complete body.

How to get black megaman:
Submitted by: mohamed

follow me first go to start game go to megaman press down and enter you can be a dark 
megaman secound go to the boss spider and take the shoes you will see all of the head 
and all things will taken.


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