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  Hints and Tips for: Rogue Company 
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 Rogue Company Cheats

Rogue Company

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Change Framerate Limit:
Written by plagueseason

Rogue Company is capped to 150 FPS by default. 
This guide explains how to change that setting.

-=Setting Framerate Limit=-
By default, Rogue Company has a framerate cap of 150 FPS. There is no in-game 
setting for this, so if you want to set it higher or lower, you'll need to make
the following changes to your config file:

-=Navigate to=-
* C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\RogueCompany\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  (where [User] is your Windows username)
* Open "GameUserSettings.ini"
* Under "[/script/killstreak.ksgameusersettings]", add the following line:
* FrameRateLimit=240.000000
* You may change 240 to whatever value you'd like.
  Note that 0.000000 does not seem to uncap the framerate.
* Save and close. Launch the game.

Note: If you find that the file reverts, you may need to set "GameUserSettings.ini"
to read-only. Right-click the file, click Properties, add a checkmark to "Read-only" 
and click OK.

-=Verify Your FPS=-
To enable the in-game FPS monitor and verify your change, 
simply navigate to Settings - Gameplay and set Telemetry - FPS: ON.

Your current FPS will be displayed in the upper-left corner while in a match or in the 
Shooting Range.

How to Play Dima:
Written by Striker

This guide will help you with knowing how to play Dima in a good way, to help yourself 
and your team by having knowledge of his ability and what he can be good at.

-=Dima's Ability=-
Dima's ability is a grenade capsule that when fired will stick to any surface and launch 
out 3 grenades that explode in 2.3 seconds. The angle that the end of the launcher is 
facing is where those grenades will be launched and do a devastating area attack killing
most rogues in the process or nearly killing them if they don't expect it. The key to 
pulling these off is to be coordinated with your team and kinda understand what they're 
doing what they have that can help with your ult and how they can help confirm the kill 
you're going to set up for yourself and them by using your ability. Its best to use 
Dima's ability without having the other team know you're about to use it like don't hold 
it out and aim down your sight to get the perfect shot otherwise it wont do anything and 
will leave you vulnerable, best thing to do is to pull it out and understand where the 
arc will take the cluster so that you can pull it out and shoot it instantly giving the 
enemy less time to react to it. Once you've used Dima's ability for a bit you'll start 
understanding where the clusters will go and how much time you have before they blow up 
to make insane plays, like shooting it high up on a wall so they spread out more and 
land directly on top of the enemy or to launch the cluster of grenades out over the wall 
you didn't have an angle to shoot to before.

-=Dima's Kit=-

Dima has decent weapons those being the Mamba (an 3 burst DMR that does good for medium 
ranged fights being able to down someone in 2 bursts) and the KA30 (an AR that is good 
for medium to close range fights being able to do decent damage at well with a damage 
value of 19 to the body).

His gadgets include a Grenade which if done right can be thrown and like his cluster 
either down a rogue instantly or get close to doing so with its high damage though can 
be countered by an APS gadget if it was placed before the throw. When throwing a Frag 
Grenade you should hold it for a few seconds before throwing it giving the enemy little 
time to react but make sure you're not seen holding it as you could get shot or can 
give the enemy enough time to dodge the grenade, if you need to you can change your 
weapon which will put away the grenade and will allow you to use it again if the timing 
was wrong or wouldn't have worked. The EMP grenade is great if you're going against a 
Saint as it will instantly destroy his drone making it unable to revive his teammate 
and if it is done in a demolition match or anything like demo, he will not get it 
recharged losing it for the entire round. It could also be good for getting rid of APS 
if thrown the right way you can make it not get detected by the APS if thrown far away 
from it but just close enough to destroy the APS or you can just use them to remove 
the APS from the game by throwing the EMP right at it as the APS costs 4k to use and 
EMP's only cost 3k.

Dima's perks include Shredder Rounds (allowing him to do more damage to equipment 
preferably to an anvils shield), Berserker (Allowing him to run and reload good in 
certain situations like if you need to run away or to keep pressure on the enemy), 
Bounce Back (Allowing you to begin healing at a sooner time, good for pressure and 
to go back into the fight quicker while your enemy if they dont have bounce back is 
trying to still regain health), Stalker (Allowing him to aim down his gun but walk 
around as the same speed without the reduction. Good for keeping fast movements to 
make it harder to get hit by the enemy), Resupply (Allows a box to be dropped that 
when walked over can allow him to get his gadgets back if he gets the kill. Rarely 
good in a 1 life game-mode really good in a mode like strikeout or one with many 
lives), Life Drain (1 of Dima's best perks allowing him to regain a nice chunk of 
health when downing someone allowing him to keep fighting longer and to have a greater 
chance at being able to deal with more enemy's at once.

Dima has an unique passive that allows everyone on his team including himself to 
see people through walls if hit with an explosive device which includes Bounce 
Grenades, Frag Grenades, Grenade Launcher, Trip Mine, and a C4. Could be good for 
knowing where the enemy is going if they survive the blast to be able to kill them 
after or to decide to let them go as it will be too risky for you to try and get 
the kill.

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