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  Hints and Tips for: Rogue Glitch 
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 Rogue Glitch Cheats

Rogue Glitch

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ultimate Guide & Tips:
Written by By Skaliton

-=Gameplay basics=-
The controls are straightforward enough. You have your 4 way movement, use 
bomb, use item, and use active item. That’s it. No aiming or mouse at all.
You have a double jump. Noteworthy unlike many games this behaves a bit 
strangely. If you fall off of a ledge you still have 2 jumps. Any other 
times you have 1. (so if you slam downward into an enemy you have one. You 
can slam 3 times before you MUST hit solid ground again)
Advice on the downward slam, use it anytime you are going to make contact 
with an enemy. The game registers it as a higher priority than any other 
impact. Done right the 3rd boss is in a position where it simply cannot do 
damage to you

Characters: I’m going to be brief because there is already a guide for them. 
They are for the most part balanced. I will say that Faily is my favorite 
because of the map, but really whichever one you are comfortable with is fine.
Remember to level them up though, there is no downside to it.

I’m not going to cover every item because, quite frankly there isn’t a need 
to. You have very little control over what you have anyway.

But there are 3 rarities. Common (White) stack and tend to have very few 
‘important’ items. Green are uncommon and tend to make up the majority of 
game changing ones. Red are rare and the majority of them are just massive
damage boosts.

Besides that there are active items which vary in effect and usefulness. 
Everything from a key, to a stagewide kill button. Which is the best? That 
isn’t exactly a fair question but some are better than others. My favorite 
recharges after 2 maps (meaning the one it is used on, and the next one) 
which allows you to fly and be invincible for a few seconds. 
Yeah totally balanced right?

Lastly, synergies. When you get 3 items ‘in a suit’ a matching synergy pops 
out. These range from bonus health, drones do more damage and are homing, to 
even curing corrupt items *More on corruption in the next section* but BY 
FAR the best is preventing explosion damage. Explosions in this game come 
from your shots and oddly enough is the most likely thing in the game to 
kill you. They are inconsistent so planning for them is challenging and in 
later stages anything that adds to the chaos is a bad thing. I cannot stress 
it enough to be careful when picking up explosions. They force you to play 
the game slower (this is bad) and while other items may have a downside none 
of them will directly lead to your death (with the exception being one 
reduces your max hp)

-=Chests, there are 3 sizes=-
* 15/20 gold are small and usually contain white items, occasionally 
  orange ‘use’ items.
* 2. gold chests (also treasure room chests and usually challenge room) 
  ‘medium’ sized ones always have a green item.
* The giant horned chests have unique items

treasure room chests… look at it for a few seconds, if it is clearly a 
chest its fine, if not open it and move away because its a mimic 
(which is good because free stats)

There are two kinds which you will come across.

The first (and simpler) one is a standard item pickup with purple text that 
says risk=reward at the bottom. Each symbol does a different thing, but 
they all give some stat benefits and some stat negatives. There isn’t much 
to say, get 3 and the synergy removes the negatives.

The other are purple items that appear from enemies. Do not pick them up 
until you finish the room, there is no reason to do so (they last for 30 
seconds after the room is formally cleared). What they do is a variety of 
things which are ALL BAD. These range from attacking you in various 
formations, slowing you down, stopping your bullets…. why would you pick 
these up? there is a special npc/room that appears which will eat them in 
exchange for good items/health. This can be game changing to end up with 3 
red (rare/unique) items and a handful of greens. Be advised this room is 
one time use, so *ideally* you want to clear the floor then trade, because 
the more you let it eat the better the items you get are. 
Noteworthy: There will always be one of these rooms on the last level- 
but it is almost unthinkable to skip an earlier one.
Not corruption but explosives may as well count (seriously I’m mentioning 
it again because they are that harmful)

-=Gotta go fast=-
This comes from experience and knowing the enemies but there are two real 
‘timers’ to worry about.

Kill the boss on a floor before 2:30 has passed (always visible at the top of 
the screen) you get a unique item (red) instead of uncommon (green) and the 
optional timed rooms. (same thing for 30 seconds from the countdown)
*As a note for the 2:30 the red bat you sometimes see changes this. If you 
kill it in a stage the timer is no longer important for that stage, you get 
a red item but you have to fight the bat as well

So the 2:30 timer, how do we manipulate this? The easy thing is to just find 
the boss and kill it asap (this is why faily’s map is so useful) but 
otherwise…the timer itself ONLY counts down during combat rooms during combat. 
So forget picking up coins and everything else, kill the enemies then clean 
up. But this timer applies to ‘other’ combat rooms as well (a certain hidden 
boss, challenge rooms, mimic treasure chest, and the timed room all count 
against it) after the boss is dead the timer doesn’t matter for the stage so 
go ahead take your time.

now the timed room is simple. It has the exact same layout every time, so we 
use the same strategy every time. As soon as you hit the button start going 
right, skip past the spawning enemies because you will come back over them 
anyway. After you get back to center you are going to make a circle heading up 
first and then to the left. Done right you should be able to get the unique 
item consistently (I won’t say every time because sometimes a random enemy 
decides to run away and waste time)

-=other stuff=-
Part of the game is exploring and learning so I’m skipping bosses and spoilers, 
in large part because this isn’t dark souls. They all have very basic attack 
patterns and don’t change. Like stage 1 is a plant that moves back and forth,
its attacks are spit out projectiles either to the side or above its head, 
it also has a bite if you get close on the ground….that is it.

So what else is there to talk about?
* Hidden rooms exist. If you see a cracked white square on a stage and blow it 
  up (either a bomb or explosion from items) you get a purple portal which 
  takes you to a free stuff room containing either 3 bombs, a bunch of hearts, 
  or some coins.
* Besides that the only other noteworthy ‘room’ thing is if you use 3 bombs 
  on a shopkeeper they attack as a boss using a very simple pattern…but you 
  get the items for free. Try to save bombs for this exact thing, it is often 
  possible to get 100+ coins worth of stuff for the cost of 3 bombs. (or less 
  because of a certain item)
* What else are bombs used for? Their damage isn’t bad but…no. The real benefit 
  is a short invulnerability and enemy bullet wipe. There are times you will 
  certainly be hit, and it may be better to avoid being hit.
* Clearing a room without being hit gives a higher chance of free coin spawns.
  This is good. But subject to going fast (unique items are so much stronger 
  than everything else that it is no contest)

It is entirely possible to end up with 3x (or more) homing shots with unique items.

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