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 Romance of the Three Kingdoms 6 Cheats

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 6

227-The Officers List:
Objective: Take Changan, Luoyang, and Chengdu (you must have six other 
cities as well). Capture and kill Cao Rui. You will lose if Zhuge Liang 
dies or if Chengdu is lost. This should take five months. 

* On the first turn, go to HR/Job/Rank and give highest ranks to Zhao 
  Yun, Wei Yan, Zhang Bao, Chen Dao, and Guan Xing. 

* Changan is your first target. Draft Hillmen in Hanzhong, Zitong and 
  Wudu. Move Zhao Yun (with all the draftees), along with Zhang Bao (with
  some of the draftees) to Hanzhong. Next month, have a massive attack 
  using all soldiers in Hanzhong under Zhao Yun, Wei Yan, Zhang Bao, and
  Guan Xing. Maximize soldier allocation and attack. (Leave unit with 
  least soldiers to defend supply camp.) 

* At Changan you will be counterattacked by Zhong Yao (160 soldiers) and
  Chen Qun (200 soldiers). Quickly draw Guan Xing to divert Zhong Yao 
  from the supply camp, then just have the three remaining attackers all
  attack Cao Zhen. After that, attack the city, break down the nearest 
  gate (no need to leave anyone at supply tent) and just go after Zhang 
  He with Charges. Recruit/Imprison all POWs. 

* Do not worry about the Nanman south of Jianning and Chengdu - you have
  already defeated their King, Meng Huo. Pull most of the troops from 
  Jianning, along with Meng Huo, to Chengdu. Move the troops again to 
  Zitong, and finally to Hanzhong, further supplementing the attacks on

* The reinforcement of Changan depleted Luoyang, so attack with Zhao Yun,
  Wei Yan, Zhang Bao, Guan Xing and any recruited warriors. Give everyone
  their maximum amount of soldiers, and attack. At Luoyang, let the enemy
  escape through the gates (weakest unit on supply tent), then break down
  the nearest gate and Charge Cao Rui to death.

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