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  Hints and Tips for: Room Prison 
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 Room Prison Cheats

Room Prison

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough Guide:
Written by soju warrior.

This guide will show you how to finish and complete the Room Prison by MCG.

-=Game Controls=-
The title screen initially is in Chinese. To change it to English, click on 
the second button down. The third button down will let you choose a screen 
resolution. Click Level to get started.

The circle with the arrow at the top left of your screen takes you back to 
the level selection screen. Don’t click it unless you want to start all over 
in that level again. There is no way to save your progress.

WASD keys move you around. C key will have your girl crouch. Hit ESC to use 
the mouse. Clicking the left mouse button over certain objects will pick them 
up. If you hover your mouse over things like open drawers, you can search them. 
To open a door, get close to it and hover your mouse over it, it will give you 
an option to open the door. Obviously, you can’t open it if it’s locked. You 
can hold down the right mouse button and drag your mouse to zoom in and get a 
closer view of things. The number keys on your number pad will also move the 

There is no way as of this time to cut your ropes or take off your gags. You 
will have to hobble, hop, or scoot around in levels one and two. In level 
three, thankfully, you are able to walk around. There is no nudity in this 
game. Pictures of the character being unbound are likely from the development 
of the game.

-=Level 1=-
Spoilers, obviously.

Starting off in Level One, your girl is tied up on a chair. It looks like the 
detective tied you up to keep you there until they got back.

Keep hitting the space bar to have her get out of the ankle ropes and stand up. 
Now you can hobble around the room.

With the filing cabinets, only the drawers that are already open will have items 
in them. The filing cabinets by the windows, the ones with the globe on top, will 
give you papers with 8 and 1 on them, as well as a blank piece of paper. The filing 
cabinets by the safe give you papers with 2 and 5 on them. The brown cabinets give 
you papers with 3 and 9 on them. Go to the desk and click the matchbox to get a 
match, then click the cigarette box to get a cigarette.

To make things, click your Pack and your Make buttons on the right side of the 
screen. When you get the cigarette and match, have your Pack and Make screens up. 
If you have the incorrect combination of items, Chinese words come up telling you 
it’s incorrect (the proper translation is “Make Fail Prescription Incorrect”). 
Click the cigarette and the match in the Pack, it will transfer those to the 
Make screen, and give you Soot. Click the soot and the blank paper, and it will 
give you a Soot Paper, with the letters CBFDAE on it.

My guess is, if ABCDEF = 123589, then CBFDAE = 329518.

The main door needs a key to open. I am guessing that the key to open it is in the safe.

I am guessing that the safe needs a PIN to open. The game gives you no other clue 
for the pin besides the Soot Paper. I do not see a way to enter the PIN into the 
safe, as hovering the mouse over the safe only gives you the option to open it.

If anyone has found a way to open the safe or the door, please add a comment below.

-=Level 2=-
In Level Two, you’re hogtied and ballgagged on the floor of a VERY dirty apartment. 
They probably figured you’d never find a way to get out of that, but fortunately, 
there is a way.

Keep hitting the space bar to get up to your feet. Hop over to the table on the 
right of the chair and pick up the coffee cup. There is a match to pick up, inside 
the cigarette pack on the right arm of the chair. The refrigerator has a water in 
it. There is a beer beside the right arm of the green couch, on the floor.

(If you hit C, your girl will sit on the floor. This might be a little faster than 
hopping; when I say a little, I mean, VERY little.)

Pull up your Pack and Make menus. Click on the Water, you can make a Bottle Cap. 
Click on the Coffee Cup, you can make a Plastic Cap. Click on match and plastic 
cap to get plastic glue.

Hop over to the sofa by the big speakers, you’ll see a picture that’s tilted to one 
side. Click that and you get broken glass. Pull up your Pack and Make menus again 
and click the Photo Frame. This will give you Broken Glass. Use the Broken Glass to 
damage the couch below where you got the Photo Frame. This will give you a Metal 

Click on the Plastic Glue, Metal Strip, and Bottle Cap. This will make a “Simple Bottle”. 
You’re actually making a tool that will get the key out of the beer bottle in your 
inventory. Once you’ve got that “Simple Bottle”, click on the Beer and “Simple Bottle” 
in your inventory, and you get Key B.

(It’s a shame that you can’t use the broken glass or one of the three swords above the 
TV to cut your ropes.)

Once you’ve got Key B, hop over to the door behind the stove, and you’re done. 
Clicking GO will take you to Level Three.

-=Level 3=-
In Level Three, you’re tied up against a wall in a men’s bathroom, just wearing a towel. 
Someone left you in this dirty, filthy men’s room. You better get out before anyone 
comes back. Unfortunately, there’s no door and you can’t go up the stairs.

Keep hitting space until you’re off the wall. Your girl will be walking around bowlegged, 
but it’s better than the first two levels.

In the trash can behind the cleaning cart, there is a screwdriver. In the trash can 
against the wall by one of the urinals, opposite side of the room from where you were 
tied against the wall, there is a lipstick.

Go to the urinal closest to the sink and crouch down, there is a small vent there. 
You can damage this small vent, and it will give you a crowbar. On top of the urinal, 
directly above the small vent where you got the crowbar, there is a roll of toilet 
paper; pick that up. Pull up your Pack and Make menus, click on the Lipstick and 
Toilet Paper. This will give you an SOS Note.

Once you have the crowbar, go back to the urinal where you first started. The window 
above the urinal can be removed. Now that the window is open, click the open window 
so you can throw out your SOS Note.

That’s the end of the game. Clicking GO will restart Level Three.

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