RPG Tsukuru 2003 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: RPG Tsukuru 2003 
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 RPG Tsukuru 2003 Cheats

RPG Tsukuru 2003

Debug mode:
Press [F9] in test mode to display the debug menu.

Faster text scrolling:
Press [Shift] in test mode.

Change text color:
Type \c<0 to 19> before your message. 

Change message speed:
Type \x<0 to 20> before your message. The higher the number, 
the faster the message.

Delayed message:
Type \| to add a one second delay to your message. Note "|" is the
pipe symbol. Type \. to add a 0.25 second delay to your message. 
Type \! for a message that will not appear until type player presses

No clipping:
Hold [Ctrl] in test mode.

Instant message:
Type \>\< in the message window.

Close message window:
Type \^ in the message window.

Special characters:
Enter the following values to display a special character in the 
message window.
\\: Backslash "\"
\_: Half space
\$: Amount of money currently held
\n: Name of corresponding hero
Enter \v: Value of corresponding variable.
$A: Sword
$B: Shield
$C: Star of David
$D: Sun planetary sign
$E: Moon planetary sign
$F: Mercury planetary sign
$G: Venus planetary sign
$H: Earth planetary sign
$I: Mars planetary sign
$J: Jupiter planetary sign
$K: Saturn planetary sign
$L: Uranus planetary sign
$M: Neptune planetary sign
$N: Pluto planetary sign
$O: Aries astrological sign
$P: Taurus astrological sign
$Q: Gemini astrological sign
$R: Cancer astrological sign
$S: Leo astrological sign
$T: Virgo astrological sign
$U: Libya astrological sign
$V: Scorpio astrological sign
$W: Sagittarius astrological sign
$X: Capricorn astrological sign
$Y: Aquarius astrological sign
$Z: Pisces astrological sign
$a: Smiley face
$b: Normal face
$c: Frowny face
$d: Sweat 1
$e: Sweat 2
$f: Spade outline
$g: Heart outline
$h: Diamond outline
$i: Club outline
$j: Spade filled
$k: Heart filled
$l: Diamond filled
$m: Club filled
$n: Skull
$o: Cross
$p: Sun
$q: Moon
$r: Dot
$s: Up arrow
$t: Right arrow
$u: Down arrow
$v: Left arrow
$w: Up-Right arrow
$x: Down-Right arrow
$y: Down-Left arrow
$z: Up-Left arrow
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