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  Hints and Tips for: Return to Castle Wolfenstein 
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 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cheats

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Cheat Codes enable update:
Submitted by: Christopher Chandler 

This has to do with 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein' cheat enable: There must be a
space between the " quotation marks and +setsv_cheats  1. I could NOT use it the
way you described until I did this. How did I find it? I saw in the Safe Mode 
properties that '+safe' is a space away, so I tried it ( " +set sv_cheats 1 ) in
the Single Player Properties and Lo and Behold , when I hit OK this time it 
accepted it. None of the other ways you told me,I.E., to change the Folder in 
Main / worked either, this was the only way without leaving the property box up
while accessing the game....left too much open. If you update this simply, 
cheaters like me who happen to stumble on stuff like this mistakenly, won't be
left in the cold.frag.

" +set sv_cheats 1  {instead of }  "+set sv_cheats 1

Activate Cheats:
Update by: Dj Simo
Submitted by: Allan

1. Create a copy of your single player desktop shortcut.
2. Right-click on it and select "properties".
3. In the "Target" field, add the following to the very end 
   (outside the quotes): +set sv_cheats 1 
4. Click OK.
5. Launch the game using that shortcut. 

Once you're in the game, you should be able to use the following cheat 
codes (hit the "~" key to bring down the console, then type them in): 

Special Note:
Some people have experienced problems activating the cheats as listed above.
Here is an alternate to try if they are not working for you.

1.Add " +set sv_cheats 1" to the target line of the shortcut, as shown above.
2.Add a blank "user.cfg" file to the folder labeled "Main", in the game folder
  to "Return to Castle Wolfenstein".
3.Type one line in that "user.cfg" file: set sv_cheats 1
4.Enter codes as shown above. 

Special Note #2:
Some people have not been able to use the cheats unless they first load a
saved game. New players can start, save, then load the save and the cheats
should work.

Code                         Result 
/god                       - God Mode
/notarget                  - Enemies Do Not Attack
/noclip                    - No Clipping
/give all                  - All Weapons and Ammo
/give armor                - Give Armor
/give health               - Give Health
/give stamina              - Give Stamina
/give ammo                 - Give Ammo
/nofatigue                 - Unlimited Stamina
/kill                      - Suicide
/cg_uselessnostalgia 1     - Original Wolfenstein Interface
/give #                    - Give Item # (See List)
/clip on                   - Toggle clipping
/cmdlist                   - Show all commands
/reconnect                 - Reconnect to last server
/quit                      - Exit game
/serverinfo                - Show current server settings
/toggle r_fullscreen       - Toggle between windowed and full screen; Restart
                             game when changed
/toggle cg_drawcompass     - Toggle compass display
/toggle cg_draw2d          - Toggle HUD display
/toggle cg_drawfps         - Toggle framerate display
/cg_FOV                    - Change field of view
/toggle cg_drawtimer       - Show time left
/toggle cg_gibs            - Toggle gibs
/toggle cg_drawteamoverlay - Toggle team overlays

Cheat Mode (server):
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes..

Code                     - Effect
/map restart             - Reset map   
/sv_maxclients           - Set maximum players that can connect   
/timelimit               - Set time limit    
/kick                    - Kick player from the server   
/g_friendlyFire (0 or 1) - Toggle friendly fire   
/g_forcebalance          - Force even teams   
/g_warmup                - Set warm up time in seconds    
/g_gravity #             - Set gravity; lower is less gravity   
/g_speed #               - Set movement; lower is slower

Change Name:
Press ~ to display the console window. Enter /name to change the player's 
name and color. To change colors, include one of the following. 

^1: Red
^2: Green
^3: Yellow
^4: Blue
^5: Light Blue
^6: Pink
^7: White
^8: Black
^9: Red 

For example, to change your name to "AmericaTheBeautiful" in red, white, 
and blue, enter /name ^1America^7The^4Beautiful

Give List:
Use these with the /give cheat listed above. 

mauser rifle
fg42 paratroop rifle
colt 45
large health
medium health

Enable Cheatmode:
Submitted by: Joshua Not_Telling

When you start RTCW and you are at the main menu, press 
the ~ button, and type: /cheats 0
This will turn the cheat mode on.

Level Warping:
You can skip to any level in the game with the "/spdevmap" command. Just 
bring down the console, type "/spdevmap" (without the quotes) and one of 
the following map names: 

Ominous Rumors: 

Dark Secret: 

Weapons of Vengeance: 

Deadly Design:

Deathshead's Playground: 

Return Engagement: 

Operation Resurection: 

Unlimited grenades in multi-player mode:
As a lieutenant in multi-player mode, select your grenade. Hold B + E (Binoculars
+ Tilt Right) and press Fire. You can throw as many grenades as desired. Hold 
B + E the entire time that you throw grenades.

Single Player Cheat Codes/Commands:
Submitted by: Zues 

Activating single player cheats is kind of tricky. You'll need to modify your 
desktop shortcut slightly before you can activate them. 

Modifying Your Shortcut:
Submitted by: Zues 

To modify your shortcut, go through these steps: Create a copy of your single player
desktop shortcut Right-click on it and select "properties" In the "Target" field, 
add the following to the very end (outside the quotes, after 1 space): 
+set sv_cheats 1 Click OK Launch the game using that shortcut.

Last mission:
Submitted by: ankush mahajan

There isn't much to this level at all. It's just you and Heinrich ...and 
his army of undead minions bent on dragging you down to the depths of hell.
Grab all the ammunition you can as you make your way through the ruins, 
because you're going to need all of it and more. 

This is, obviously, the toughest fight in the whole game. You may have 
failed to husstle fast enough to prevent Heinrich from being resurrected,
but you may still be able to put an abrupt end to his return. 

Heinrich can attack in a number of ways. The most obvious is with great 
swipes of his sword, which hurts like hell. He can also pound the ground
to fling you around like a doll (or perhaps "like an action figure" would
be more appropriate). The pounding also releases a shower of debris that 
can whittle away your health. Finally, Heinrich can summon Zombie Knights
to harry you and distract your attention. 

You should start first by killing the witch queen that was the unfortunate
recipient of Heinrich's favor. Her seeking skulls can envelop you in deadly
darkness, so sprint to get away from them if they catch you. 

Once she's dead, concentrate on Heinrich from a distance. One possible tactic
is to destroy the Zombie Knights Heinrich raises. Once you destroy one, he 
will concentrate on raising another. This will, however, make him vulnerable
while he goes through the motions. Take advantage and give him a few direct 
hits with the Panzerfaust or the Venom Gun. 

Once you peel away enough of his armor and Heinrich goes down, that's all 
there is to it. Kick back and watch the closing cinematics. 

Submitted by: ALKS

For those two nasty legless electrocuting 'lopers' in the SWF, why dont you 
spray the flamethrower over them and run away, it kills them, while you save
all your energy and Venom ammo.

Kill yourself on a flimstrip:
Submitted by: DaysraType:

Anywhere on wolfenstein hit ~ and write /spdevmap swf play that mission, when
you nearly finish wait behind the finishing door, get yourself a dynamite, set
the dynamite on 5 seconds and get into the room. Sgt Balkowiz will dead cause 
the dynamite inda filmstrip.

Submitted by: Paul

This is not really a cheat but a cool glitch.On the level where u get droped 
from a plane onto the dam turn on noclipping mode and go away from the scenery.
look around for the plane that dropped you.get in side the plane and look around.
you should see your self about to jump out of the plane again. if you want to 
keep looking around try to find and fire four mounted machine guns.(Finding this
plane will not effect the game. you do not have to find the plane to win the 
game.)I hope this is a cool place four you.

Game of the year edition:
Submitted by: Quintin Cloud 

If you have the "the game of the year" special ed. copy the following text will 
help to get cheats to work in single player mode. After adding the following 
text in your shortcut icon " +sv_cheats 1 ". When you have control of the gunman
go on to the console with the " ~ " key and type the following to activate 
cheating: " /sv_cheats 0 " it will return comment saying that the game is read
only. Then go fourth with your cheats.

Submitted by: JP Harbaugh

I dont have a cheat, just a comment about the walktrough. When you say the 
paratroop rifle is very loud you are greatly misteaken. The paratroop is 
one of the VERY quiet guns on Wolfenstein. You are correct about acccuracy 
because it is VERY accurate, but it is not noisy.

Submitted by: Sushant Mahajan

Well, there are a certain steps you need to follow while killing the bosses

-=Boss 1(The big black mummy)=-
Do not run after the the old thing but let it come to you. What you have to 
do is to throw your grenades at him and escape to your underground shelter 
as soon as you throw one. Every once in a while shoot his head with the 
silenced sten. You'll get out without even a scratch.

-=Boss 2 (The big robot)=-
This one is easiest to kill. As soon as the bald german shuts his piehole run
like the wind from the left side and hide behind the end leftmost piller. Take
out the sniper and shoot him. e will die with less than 20 bullets, if you do 
it right.

-=o robots(level 6.4)=-
This one is difficult. First replenish health and get armour from the rightmost
table. Then without wasting time run to first table on the other side and get 
the rocket launchers. Use crouch to position yourself and shoot the robot he'll
die in 6 shots. For the othe robot keep circling around him, hiding behind the 
pillers and use the venum gun to make him meet his doom.

-=Heinrich I(level 7.3)=-
I think it is easiest to kill this guy. Take out the tesla gun all the time 
keep the crosshair focussed on him meanwhile cirrcling around him at a 
suitable distence meanwhile replenishing you battery and health supply. 
He be almost dead in less than 500 ammo. of the tesla gun, then for the 
grand finale take out the venom gun and shhot his head. You easily win 
without even having to kill a singlwe mummy. Also if he stomps and you 
strat flying towards him press the back key he won't be able to get you.

Item names:
Use one of the following entries with the /give code. 

.30 cal
.30 cal box
.45 cal
.45 cal box
7.92mm rounds
9mm box
9mm rounds
colt 45
dual colts
dr. zemph's journal
fg42 paratroop rifle
large health
mauser rifle
medium health
panzerfaust rockets
project book
sniper scope
snooper rifle
tesla gun
venom tech manual 

Unlimited gas for flame thrower: 
Enable the /give all code or get the flame thrower normally. Then, lean around a 
corner so that the enemy cannot see you. Shoot your flame thrower. This should 
negate the lean command. Shoot puffs of fire around the corner briefly so that 
you can lean again. The puffs of smoke will not waste your ammunition, but will 
still set your enemy on fire.

Edit your kernel game: 
Submitted by: capsoel
This is special trik from me

1. first open pak0.pk3 files in folder main with winrar (back up pak0.pk3 first), then 
go to maps folder in winrar and find ext *.ai. Open script with text editor or notepad. 
This is script powerful for main maps game and use ur brain for modifications this script. 
ex: modif your health, enemy health, enemy weapon, your weapon , trigger etc 

2. Elite Guard is Nude
Yes! Elite Guard is nude in game. open pak0.pk3 with winrar a extract eva_body1.jpg in 
folder models/players/eva. Edit this file with photoshop or gimp and manipulats with your 
imajiner. open "charaters.shader" in folder script, find elite guard path models, replace 
script path "body" elite guard with path from eva body. and enjoy see elite guard body 
nude in map church, dig, or dark

/viewlog : open windows console
/map_restart : 
/vid_restart :
/snd_restart :
/r_logfile : 
/con_debug : view debug in loading
/cg_thirdperson : thirds person
/com_introplayed : play intro or not
/com_blood :

Infinite Venom Ammunition:
Alright, so this one works on multiplayer. I haven't tried it on single player, yet.
So, choose the Soldier in the Limbo Menu, either faction (Axis or Allies). Choose the
Venom as your weapon. You start off with 500/0 Ammo, in most cases. Get a lieutenant 
to give you at least one ammo pack so you have 500/500 ammo. Then go to a corner 
somewhere and drop the venom. You'll pick it up automatically. Do this over and over
and watch your reserve ammo go up all the way to 9999.

Here are some tips from me on how to kill easily the Uber Soldat and Heinrich I : 
Submitted by: Vvv

the Uber Soldat from the X-labs is not that hard to kill. get ready your Panzerfaust before 
entering the fight arena and as soon as he pops out, just strafe a bit, jump and take a 
straight shot at him. then strafe right and while strafing, shoot another straight one at 
him. if you do it fast, you will still be above 60-70% health and armor. by then you are 
in a temporary shelter behind Deathead's cabin on the '2nd floor'. then, pop out for a 
moment and shoot another straight one at him. and finish him with the Venom gun.

as to Heinrich I, he's a hard foe but pretty easy to kill. just storm the big fighting 
arena again with my favorite Panzerfaust in hand :-) as someone already mentioned, first
eliminate the priestess-witch Bavarski. then, just shoot directly at Heinrich I the rest
of your rockets while circling around him from middle distance. after that, indeed, finish
the Tesla gun at him and the grand finalle can be with the Venom gun. 
with this improved method you don't need refueling with ammo or even with health :-) 

and the 2 super solders popping up right before the final X-labs episode with the Uber 
Soldat can be killed using the corners of the corridor and the final stairs you come 
from to the room. after firing 2-3 Panzerfausts in the way someone recommended earlier,
lurk from the corners and with a combination of Venom gun and grenades shoot series of 
bullets at their front ends popping up. then just run back to the next corner and repeat
the elimination procedure.

hope I helped, this game rulez!!! Vvv

2 SS Prototypes:
Mission 5 Level 2: X-labs has a difficult section at the end of it. You will have to 
defeat two SS Prototypes. However, this can be simplified. After opening the doors 
with the switch, go into the ladder with the muddy water. Then, after they come out 
(you may have to draw them out), climb up the ladder a bit (so they can't shoot you,
but you can see them) and take aim with a sniper rifle. Aim for head shots. If this 
is done properly, you should get out with no damage at all.

Riding on the Tram Roof:
Submitted by: Dog Cow

In the tram level, it is quite possible (though a bit dangerous) to ride on the roof of 
the tram, rather than inside it like a normal person.

Some advantages?

* Enemies don't expect you up there, so you can take cover.
* If you ride the tram to the mid-station, you can jump off the roof, between the iron
  girders, and access the trap door more quickly than having to use the ladders.

Some disadvantages?

* Easy to fall off (and die) if you have poor balance.

-=How to get on the roof?=-
At each tram stop there will be the usual switch which you press. As it turns out, you
can stand on top of this switch, look straight down at it (at your feet) and the hand 
icon should appear, allowing you to activate the switch. Now, you can quickly jump on 
the back part of the roof, by waiting for the tram to move forward a bit. As soon as 
you get to each check-point, you can start firing and taking less hits because the 
soldiers don't expect you on the roof!

-=Goofy stuff=-
* Bring a chair! Yes, you can in fact nab chairs, and toss them on the roof of the tram. 
  They will ride along with you. I actually used a chair to get on the roof of the tram 
  before I discovered that the switch is tall enough as well.

Hogan's Heroes reference:
The second time you have to go through the castle, watch out for a Nazi officer with a 
moncle hiding in a small room. He looks remarkably like Commandant Klink, and on his desk
is a note to a General Berkhalter. In addition, later on in the same level, if you sneak 
around and listen to the Nazi soldiers talking, one of them makes a reference to Berkhalter,
calling him exceptionally fat. General Berkhalter in the television series was very plump.

Secret room in multi-player Depot level:
For the Axis, go all the way to the anti-aircraft gun and take a left, going through the 
door and to the stairs. Once you get to the first stop, you will see crates in a stopped 
elevator. Jump on the boxes until you get through the elevator. Once there, climb the 
ladder to the top. You are now in a secret room overlooking your base. Guard that location
so that the Allies cannot use it for a sniping position.

Tram Ride: Ride on the tram's roof:
It is possible, but dangerous, to ride on the roof of the tram. By doing this, you can
take cover and reach the trap door faster at the mid-station. However, it is easy to fall
off and die. At each tram stop is the switch which you can press. Stand on top of this 
switch, then look straight down at it (at your feet). The hand icon should appear, allowing
you to activate the switch. You can now quickly jump on the back part of the roof, by 
waiting for the tram to move forward slightly. As soon as you get to each checkpoint, start
firing. You will be hit less because the soldiers will not expect you to be on the roof. 
Note: You can also take a chair and place it on the roof of the tram.

See through truck:
On Norway, the snowy map, there is a base that has trucks inside. Go to the one that does
not have a machine gun on it. Jump in the bed of it then go forwards and crouch down. If 
you are as far as you can go, you should be able to see though it.

Dam level airplane:
In the Dam level, the opening sequence shows the airplane and someone looking like Agent 
Blastowitz ready to parachute out. Enable the /noclip code and go behind the dam wall (not
the side where you can fall and die). Once there, look throughout the sky. You may notice 
an airplane. Float in and disable the /noclip code. The soldier will attempt to attack you,
but does not have a gun. When you kill him, he stands frozen. There are also guns on the 
plane that are usable, but there is not anything to shoot.

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