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  Hints and Tips for: Rumble Fighter 
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 Rumble Fighter Cheats

Rumble Fighter

Submitted by: RM

In the zen temple ... well this is not a glitch but it is a 
coll hiding place go to the bottom on any side and go behind
the logs.u won't be able 2 c your self! and in blacktop melee
press z+c beside the wall under the stairsit won't work vey 
often but if u r lucky u will go in to the wall!

Winning fights:
In addition to picking up food and helpful items, use the 
following tricks to win fights.

Soulfighters - To use your skills to easily win use, your Roar to 
confuse them into an edge of a scenario, then finish them with your 
Multi-Claw attack. 

Alchemists - When knocked down, kick them as they get up. Quickly 
use your Drill Lunge attack and before they start getting up use 
your Ground Drill attack. If timed correctly you can defeat anyone. 

Strikers - Use your fighting skills to tackle the opponent out of tge
field or use your Jump Kick special to knock them down and hit them 
with Floor Punch while they down. Floor Punch can also create a force 
field of rocks around you for protection. 

Elementalist - Slightly more difficult due to your weak defense. You 
must be strategic. Tackle down your enemy and block. When they go to 
Down Kick you, jump and kick them. Do this until you can activate 
your skill, then you must take them down and run. If they start 
chasing, trip them until you are safe, then fire as many enemy seeking 
magic fish as your SP allows. When you have no SP, fight again. 
Try to do four or more hit combos to regain SP.

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