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  Hints and Tips for: Running With Rifles 
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 Running With Rifles Cheats

Running With Rifles

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Single Player Chat Codes:
Written by ThatN8tiveGuy

A collection of codes I found while playing single mode.

/promote - gives you 8000 xp.
/rp - gives you 2500 rp.
/G36 - spawns you the 5 G36 weapon.
/tank - spawns in a tank... may work with mods that has remodel the tank.
/jeep - spawns in a jeep.
/humvee - spawns in a humvee.
/apc - spawns in a apc... may work with mods that remodel the apc.
/tow - spawns in a tow.
/c4 - spawns in a c4 that been thrown.
/m72 - spawns in 4 M72 Law.
/laptop - spawns in a laptop.
/briefcase - spawns in a briefcase.
/teddybear - spawns in a teddy bear.
/cargo - spawns in a cargo truck.
/quad - spawns in a quad.
/javelin - spawns in a javelin.
/mortar - spawns in a mortar deploy.
/restart - restart the map you are in.
/0_win - win the map you are on.
/DC - spawn cover deploy.
/create_vehicle - spawns in a secret cargo vehicle.
/gdl - spawns in a grenade launcher deploy.
/dmg - spawns in a machine gun deploy.
/dminig - spawns in a minigun deploy.
/friend - spawns in a friendly unit.
/foe - spawns in a enemy unit.
/gb1 - spawns in a blue box.
/gb2 - spawns in a purple box.
/gb3 - spawns in a titan box.
/cb1 - spawns in community box 1.
/cb2 - spawns in community box 2.
/M29 - spawns in 44 Magnum.
/mg - spawns in a deployed mg.
/kill_rt - destroy all enemy radar jammers.
/kill_own_rt - destroys all of radar jammers.
/mustela - spawns in a mustela which is a tank.
/mortar - spawns in a mortar deploy.
/complete_campaign - complete the campaign.
/whereami - tell where u are on the map.
/1_win - win the area you on.
/1_lose - lose the area you on.
/0_attack - makes the ai defend only... /1_attack makes the ai attack.
/test - test yourself.
/defend - makes the ai defend only.
/kill_aa - destroy all of AA.
/modtest - ima not gonna bother this.
/sidinfo - im also not gonna bother this.
/kick_id - kick someone.
/kick - i also not gonna bother with this.
/wound - does something.

Easy "Expert weapon dealer", "Master weapon dealer", "Recruit weapon dealer" achievements:
Bring five of the same guns from dead soldiers or crates to the armory to unlock enemy 

Spawn Cheat Codes:

/mustela – spawns a mustela (a tank)
/mortar – spawns a mortar deploy.
/DC – spawns a cover deploy.
/create_vehicle – spawns a secret cargo vehicle.
/gdl – spawns a grenade launcher deploy.
/dmg – spawns a machine gun deploy.
/dminig – spawns a minigun deploy.
/friend – spawns a friendly unit.
/foe – spawns a enemy unit.
/gb1 – spawns a blue box.
/gb2 – spawns a purple box.
/gb3 – spawns a titan box.
/cb1 – spawns a community box 1.
/cb2 – spawns a community box 2.
/M29 – spawns a 44 Magnum.
/mg – spawns a deployed mg.
/G36 – spawns 5 G36 weapon.
/tank – spawns a tank.
/jeep – spawns a jeep.
/humvee – spawn a humvee.
/apc – spawns an apc
/tow – spawns a tow.
/c4 – spawns a c4
/m72 – spawns a 4 M72 Law.
/laptop – spawns a laptop.
/briefcase – spawns a briefcase.
/teddybear – spawns a teddy bear.
/cargo – spawns a cargo truck.
/quad – spawns a quad.
/javelin – spawns a javelin.
/mortar – spawns a mortar deploy.

-=How to Reedem Cheats Codes?=-
Codes are just readily available in single mode, simply open the conversation, 
type any one of these codes, and press get in to trigger them.

Naturally you can use each conversation or cheat code more than once. So if you as 
an example want 80k xp, use the cheat code “/ advertise” 8 times.

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