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  Hints and Tips for: RYL - Path of the Emperor 
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 RYL - Path of the Emperor Cheats

RYL - Path of the Emperor

Easy experience:
Submitted by: RM

Use the following trick to get to level 10. When you start the game, leave the 
town and fight Merman until you are at level 4 or 5. Then, go right from the 
Merman and fight Terly Lizards, which give better experience. After you reach 
level 7 with the Terly Lizards, go to the shore to the right and fight Great 
Pincers, Great Pincers do a lot of damage; be careful. After you get to level 8
or 9, go far to the left and find Goblin Attackers and Warriors (near the forest).
Battle the Attackers first, then go on to the Warriors. It is recommended that 
you have some Meat, in case your at low HP so that you can revive. After you 
reach level 10, you can upgrade your class. Note: This is for a human account, 
not an Akkan or Orc. 

Use the following trick to get from level 1 to 20 easily. First, fight Young 
Ichman until you are level 4. They can be found in front of town. Then, fight
Ichman Fighters until you are at level 6. Next, fight Tribal Lizardmen until 
you are at level 7. Next, go to the Goblin Skirmishers and fight them until 
you are at level 8 .Then, go to the shores and fight Craymen until you are at
level 10. Next, fight Goblin Fighters near the forest until you are at level 15.
Then, go into the forest and fight Wolves. Note: Be careful of the Soul Suckers,
as they will team up on you. Continue fighting the wolves until you are at level
18. Finally, fight Rock Beetles until you are at level 20.
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