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  Hints and Tips for: Safe House 
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 Safe House Cheats

Safe House

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by RipWitch

How to get all achievements for Safe House! Minor spoilers of course.

-=Story Achievements=-
These achievements relate to story mode and are required actions to continue. 
However, if you say filled every room in the safe house you won't get the 
achievement till the task pops up and registered as done.

First Nail
Build your first room

A Strange Visitor
A spy dubbed "Grey Man" (cause he's dressed in grey) will come and visit you

First Blood
At some point, you'll be tasked on building rooms capable of recruiting spies 
and soldiers. This is unlocked when you recruit your first spy or soldier.

Message Recieved
The Grey Man will come and visit you again

Full House
Just fill every room in your safe house.

Fully Stocked
Recruit 4 soldiers or spies.

Missable Achievements

These are missable due to only being able to build only 2 of these in one 
story mode playthrough. 

Propoganda King
Build a Propoganda Office

Gadget Master
Build a Gadget Workshop

Big Brother
Build a Surveillance Hub

Firing Squad
Build a Shooting Range

Ending Achievements

These achievements correlates with the different endings you can get in 
story mode.

Into the Sunset
At the end of story mode you will be given two choices. Pick to resign to 
get this ending.

Mission Accomplished
At the end of story mode, don't resign and keep doing your thing till you 
raise a set amount of money.

Red State
You'll start getting notes suggesting you do certain things (which go against 
your orders) from an anonymous source. I'll list the tasks down and actions 
you have to take to successfully complete them:

Your first suggestion is to not kill a guy named Ivan Grigoro. After doing 
Atomic Ambition story mission you'll be asked whether you want to tell your 
agent to either kill or let him go. Pick to let him go. 
Next you'll be suggested to set a man named Jones Hakimbo free. You will 
then get a task in the interrogation room and if you see J. Hakimbo release 
him (you can tell it's him when that room immediently gets a task after 
completing one). 
At the end of the game, where you would either choose to retire or gather a
 certain amount of money, you will be given a suggestion to rather bankrupt 
the safe house. You can only do this by failing your tasks. Once you do this, 
you have the ending unlocked. 

Note: I'm not sure what happens if you keep failing tasks after reaching $0 
in your balance (the day ends if you do it for the first time and warned 
that there are repercussions if you keep going into the negatives), but I 
suggest going back and forth between failing and succeeding.

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