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  Hints and Tips for: Sagebrush 
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 Sagebrush Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by erc

With audiotape locations and pointers for that speedrun.

-=Story Related=-
These should pop up at key points during a comprehensive first run. 
The points being:

* The Waning Light
* Dusk falls on Black Sage Ranch

Picking up the trailer master key in the Rectory.

* The Sun is Gone
* Night falls on Black Sage Ranch

Reading the note found on the corpse in the Mines.

* A New Day
* The Sun Rises at Black Sage Ranch

Emerging from the depths of the Chapel to daylight.

* Audiotapes
* Archivist
* Collect all audiotapes

You will most likely get all 12 audiotapes during your first run if you take 
your time and explore every building and trailer you can access throughout 
the game. Keep in mind that audiotapes double as save points if you listen 
to them. The map below shows the locations of them in case you missed any.

01 - On a dining table in the Community Hall.
02 - In the Farm Shed.
03 - In Andrew's Trailer.
04 - In Viola's Trailer.
05 - On a desk in the School.
06 - On the altar in the cleansing room of the Rectory.
07 - In Leonard's Trailer.
08 - In Lilian's Trailer.
09 - On the table at the upper floor of the Cleansing Rooms.
10 - On the corpse found in the Mines.
11 - On the altar in the Chapel.
12 - On the table in the first room of Temple.


Running Simulator
Complete the game in under 20 minutes

The below pointers will get you to the Chapel in roughly six minutes. After 
that it takes around seven minutes to go through the in-game cutscenes that 
can't be skipped, clocking about fifteen minutes in total. As the achievement 
title suggests, be sure to sprint at all times. Also, don't use the pointers 
for your first run since you won't be visiting the optional areas required for 
the complete collection of the audiotapes.

Press escape to skip the opening cutscene. 
Pick up the wirecutters from the trunk of the car. 
Use the wirecutters on the fence to gain access to the compound. 
Pick up the gate key from the first room on the left in the Community Hall. 
Use the gate key to gain access to the rest of the ranch. 
Use the code 0603 to unlock the padlock to Rectory. 
Get the trailer master key from the cleansing room of the Rectory. 
Access Leonard's Trailer and get the boltcutters. 
Use the boltcutters to access Payton's trailer and get the shovel. 
Use shovel to dig up the second floor key hidden in the cornfields. 
Return to Rectory and access to James' room on the second floor. 
Use the code 3564 to open the safe and get the Seal. 
Go over the hills and place the Seal on the door to access the Chapel.

-=Easter Egg=-
* Malum Habitans
* Find the hidden evil in the title screen

A hint for this one can be found in the paper left in the typewriter located in 
the backroom of the first floor of the Rectory.

Plug in a gamepad and press Right Bumper + A (that is R1 + X if you use a PS-styled 
one) to start a new game. Alternatively, you can click on the 'New Game' option w
hile holding down the sprint key on your keyboard. The achievement name and icon, 
coupled with the resulting audio cue suggests a nod to classic Resident Evils. 
Kudos to the developer for the homage.

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