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  Hints and Tips for: Saints Row - The Third 
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 Saints Row - The Third Cheats

Saints Row - The Third

Complete Cheat List:
Submitted by: DevilSlayer

Enter the following cheats in the Cell Phone menu under Extras for the 
desired effect. Note that these disable Trophies / Achievements and saving!

General Cheats:
repaircar       - Repair Car
goodygoody      - No Police Notoriety
oops            - No Gang Notoriety
notrated        - Bloody Mess (bodies explode)
vroom           - No Car Damage
lolz            - Increase Gang Notoriety
pissofpigs      - Increase Police Notoriety
cheese          - Give Cash ($100,000)
whatitmeanstome - Give Respect
fryhole         - Heavenbound
runfast         - Infinite Sprint
goody goody     - No Cop Notoriety
oops            - No Gang Notoriety
ticktock        - Advance time
clearskies      - Clear sky weather
dui             - Drunk pedestrians
givesniper      - Gives MacManus 2015
letsrock        - Gives weapons
heavyrain       - Heavy rainy weather
goldengun       - Instant kill
lightrain       - Light rainy weather
overcast        - Overcast weather

Vehicle Cheats!!!
givemunicipal  - Spawn a Municipal
givephoenix    - Spawn a Phoenix
givesquasar    - Spawn a Squasar
givetaxi       - Spawn a Taxi
giveembulance  - Spawn a Ambulance
giveanchor     - Spawn a Anchor
giveattrazione - Spawn a Attrazione
givebootlegger - Spawn a Bootlegger
givechallenger - Spawn a Challenger
givecommander  - Spawn a Commander
givecondor     - Spawn a Condor
giveeagle      - Spawn an Eagle
giveestrada    - Spawn an Estrada
givegatmobile  - Spawn a Gatmobile
givekanada     - Spawn a Kanada
givekenshin    - Spawn a Kenshin
giveknoxville  - Spawn a Knoxville
givekobra      - Spawn a Korbra
givekrukov     - Spawn a Krukov
givemiami      - Spawn a Miami
givenforcer    - Spawn an Nforcer
givepeacemaker - Spawn a Peacemaker
givereaper     - Spawn a Reaper
repaircar      - Spawn a Repaircar
giverpg        - Spawn a RPG
givesandstorm  - Spawn a Sandstorm
givesatchel    - Spawn a Satchel Charge
giveshark      - Spawn a Shark
givesheperd    - Spawn a Sheperd
givespectre    - Spawn a Spectre
givestatusquo  - Spawn a Status Quo
givetitan      - Spawn a Titan
givetoad       - Spawn a Toad
givetornado    - Spawn a Tornado
givevortex     - Spawn a Vortex
givevtol       - Spawn a VTOL
givevulture    - Spawn a Vulture
givewidowmaker - Spawn a Widowmaker
givewoodpecker - Spawn a Woodpecker

Weapon Cheats!!!
givecyber     - Cyberdestructor
givegrenade   - Grenade
givechainsaw  - Chainsaw
giveminigun   - Minigun
givemolotov   - Molotov
giveairstrike - Air Strike
givedrone     - Drone
giverpg       - RPG
givesatchel   - Satchel
givekrukov    - K-8 Krukov
giveultimax   - As3 Ultimax
givehammer    - Hammer
givetek       - Tek Z-10
giveapoca     - Apocafists

Weather Cheats!!!
clearskies - Sunny weather
overcast   - Cloudy weather
lightrain  - Rainy weather
heavyrain  - Very stormy weather

Pedestrian Cheats!!!
dui    - Drunk pedestrians
hohoho - Pedestrians become pimps and prostitutes
mascot - Pedestrians become mascots
brains - Pedestrians become zombies

Submitted by: David K.

Radio stations and tracks:
Tune to the indicated station to hear the corresponding songs.

-=The Mix=-
"Stand and Deliver" by Adam Ant
"Fantasy" by Aldo Nova
"Holding out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler
"Machinehead" by Bush
"Pepper" by Butthole Surfers
"Epic" by Faith No More
"Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
"You're The Best Around" by Joe Esposito
"Return Of The Mack" by Mark Morrison
"Live Wire" by Mötley Crüe
"Shout At The Devil" by Mötley Crüe
"No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper
"My Adidas" by Run DMC
"Ball and Chain" by Social Distortion
"What I Got" by Sublime
"It's My Life" by Talk Talk
"Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)" by The Icicle Works
"Funky Cold Medina" by Tone-Loc

"Gimme What You Got" by Amanda Blank
"Done Did It (feat. Nicole Wray & NOE)" by Blakroc
"Throw Your Hands Up" by Freeway
"My Life Is A Party" by G-Eazy
"Power" by Kanye West
"Get It In feat. Ammo & K. Madison" by K:B
"I'm Burnt [Feat. Problem]" by Kurupt
"Don't Panik" by Medine
"Paradise" by Mickey Factz
"Quiet Dog" by Mos Def
"In The Zone" by Pharoahe Monch
"Fur In My Cap" by Rob Roy
"Boom Bye Yeah" by Sean Price
"Push Play" by Sixx John
"Can't Stop Now" by Southpaw Swagger
"The Countdown" by Sum Kid
"93 hardcore" by Tandem
"Yonkers" by Tyler, The Creator
"Mirrors feat. Bun B" by Wale
"Good to Go Feat Bun B" by Yelawolf

-=Gen X=-
"Volcanology" by Brooklyn
"Diamond Eyes" by Deftones
"Clarion Call" by Delphic
"Stupid Grin" by Dragonette
"Renegades" by Feeder
"Sha La La La La" by Heavy Young Heathens
"Too Fake" by Hockey
"Torture" by King Khan and The Shrines
"Lost Desire" by JR
"Animal" by Miike Snow
"Riot Rhythm" by Sleigh Bells
"Next Girl" by The Black Keys
"In Cauda Venemum" by The Dear Hunter
"Queen Dot Kong" by The Do
"El Matador" by The Lines
"Born Free" by The Rassle
"Stop Searching aka Sweatpants" by Valencia
"Paint Yourself" by White Denim

"Baggy Bottom Boys" by Jokers of The Scene
"State of Ghetto Jackin feat. DJ Nasty" by Baobinga
"Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi
"A City in Florida" by deadmau5
"Idealistic" by Digitalism
"Pitiless" by Dilemn
"Heartbeats" by Grum
"Double Bubble" by Jesse No
"OH NO U DON'T" by Jesse No
"Angry Elephants" by Junkie XL
"Wallflower" by Kevin & Carrick
"Scrub Down" by Kevin Seaton
"C.L.U.B." by MNDR
"Neckbrace" by Ratatat
"Woo Boost" by Rusko
"31 Seconds To Die" by The Bloody Beetroots
"Don't Break It" by Tugboat

-=The Blood=-
"Berzerker" by After The Burial
"Runes To My Memory" by Amon Amarth
"Obfuscation" by Between the Buried and Me
"Perfect Weapon" by Black Veil Brides
"Suicide Jag" by Chemlab
"Feel Like I Do" by Drowning Pool
"Apocalyptic Havoc" by Goatwhore
"Regurgitated Disinformation" by Job for a Cowboy
"arma goddamn motherfuckin geddon" by Marylin Manson
"Divinations" by Mastodon
"Apologies Are For The Weak" by Miss May I
"The Lotus Eater" by Opeth
"Rise, Rebel, Resist" by Otep
"Misanthropy Pure" by Shai Hulud
"Love?" by Strapping Young Lad
"Necropolis" by The Black Dahlia Murder
"Farewell, Mona Lisa" by The Dillinger Escape Plan
"Slow Revolution" by Tugboat
"Engine Wrecker" by You Love Her Coz She's Dead.

Enter the whatitmeanstome code and activate it between ten to twenty times. This will 
result in you reaching level 50, and gaining about $5 million. Then, enter the 
character abilities screen to buy all the fall, fire, bullet, explosion, and
vehicle strike damage reduction options until it reaches "Never take damage". 
This is basically gives you complete invincibility from all damage. However, a 
minor glitch may occur if you are in a normal vehicle and are run over by a tank
or if you crash with an aircraft and you may still die. However for all intents 
and purposes you are invulnerable.

Easy money:
Go to Angel's Casino and destroy all of the slot machines. When the screen cracks
and the machine falls over, you will see a stack of cash fall out. Collect all of
the money in the casino by destroying the rest of the machines. Then, go to a nearby
crib that is not Angel's Casino and save the game. Load the saved game file. You will
still have the money obtained from the previous machines. If you go back to the casino,
you will see new machines that can be used to get more money. If you destroy all of 
the machines, you will leave with a couple hundred dollars every time. 

Radio stations and tracks:
Tune to the indicated station to hear the corresponding songs.

Fly Walk:
Submitted by: MMaziD
Email :

Do U want 2 walk IN air at SR3 then follow the step 2 do IT:
1st go to a High Place [High Building] Go top of that and then start crouching from 
where U want To do UR flying walk.Go as far as U want from that place by Crouching 
But U can"t walk in the AIR Ultimate.The Much taller building U target 2 start 
crouching the much time U can Fly walk 4M SKY...4 more e-mail me.

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