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  Hints and Tips for: Samorost 
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 Samorost Cheats


Click on observatory to launch rocket 

Level 1:
-Click on the smocking thing
-Click again to try to smoke
-Click on slack line to re-string it
-Click on smocking pipe to unlock box
-Click on red button on the box
-Click on direction sign to point left
-Click Quickly on farmer to send him away then on skier 
 to jump to the next level

Level 2:
-Click on float to catch a fish
-Click on six lizard to make it fall
-Click on bird to take you to next level

Level 3:
-Click four times on handle
-Click on lower hole
-Click on upper hole
-Click on light bulb
-Click on button to raise elevator
-Click on elevator door button to open door
-Click on protagonist to take elevator to next level

Level 4:
-Click on each worm to feed bird
-Click on center hole to see a phonograph
-Click on phonograph knob to turn it on
-Click on record twice to play other music
-Click on owl three times to shake elevator off limb

Level 5:
-Click on elevator door button to release protagonist
-Click on lever to send ants to anteater
-Wait until anteater reaches for eating an ant then click on door to 
 bring protagonist up stairs
-Click on switchbox twice
-Click on switches to match colour pattern on door and then open door
-Click on door to enter power plant

Level 6:
-Click on red dot to turn on light
-Click on top button of left switchbox twice to raise pointer to 50
-Click on middle button of left switchbox to raise a ladder
-Finally, click on valve handle to complete the game
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