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  Hints and Tips for: Sam's City Quest 
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 Sam's City Quest Cheats

Sam's City Quest

Submitted by: RM

-You simply need to get cash to buy your sister a new toy.. 
-Get a key out of a glass in the bar 
-Use the key to access the back room in the bar 
-Get the paint from the back room 
-From a box near the bottom you will get a white ball 
 (keep clicking the boxes, you'll get it) 
-Go back to the bar and stand next to the guy playing pool 
-Give the white ball to him, you will win at pool and he gives 
 you some cash 
-Go to the hotel and give the receptionist some cash, she will 
 give you a room key 
-Go upstairs (to the right) and stand in front of the third door 
-Use your door key to enter the room 
-Go to the bathroom and pick up the sunscreen from the shelves 
-Go back downstairs and walk past the reception to the pool 
-Stand near the first bikini lady and click on the sunscreen, 
 you will put it on her back 
-She will give you some cash 
-Go back to the main map and click on the garage 
-Walk near the pile of tyres in the garage and click space, 
 you will get a battery 
-Give some cash to the mechanic, he will give you some keys to 
 your new car! 
-Walk into the room to the left, you will see you nice new (old) car 
-Go to the front of your car and click on the battery and use it 
-Go halfway along your car and click the paint you got, now use it 
-Get your car key and drive your new car out of the garage 
-You must now click space when the guy walking past you is near, 
 you will sell him your car for a profit 
-Go back to the motel and to the pool 
-Go to the photographer at the back near the tree, give him some 
 cash and he will give you a camera 
-Go to the main map and click the yellow car (top left) 
-Stand in front of the car and take some pictures (celeb gets busted!!) 
-Take your photos to the paparazzi and get a bunch of cash for them 
-Take all your cash to the toy store and buy your sisters new toy 
-You have completed Sam's City Quest!

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