San Goku Shi IX Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: San Goku Shi IX 
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 San Goku Shi IX Cheats

San Goku Shi IX

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlimited skills for your created officer:
Click on the purple magic skill (costs 22 points) about twenty times. 
You will then hear a sound and you get maximum of 100 for each stat, 
and unlimited points to spend on choosing skills.

Unlocking the extra, ''what if'' scenarios:
Play in any scenario. Conquer all of the barbarian cities (Qiang, 
Nanman, Wuwan, and Shanyue) as well as the hidden Japanese city. That
will unlock all the cool ''what if'' scenarios (e.g. what if Yuan 
Shao captured Xuchang?) that you can play.

Unlocking Huang Yue Ying and Ma Yun Lu:
These are two female, playable characters that you can unlock. Huang
Yue Ying is the wife of Zhuge Liang, and she is a decent warlord (Lead:
60, War: 21, Intel: 94, Politics: 88). She also has similar skills to 
Zhuge Liang. Ma Yun Lu is the sister of Ma Chao and the wife of Zhao 
Yun. She is a decent fighter (Lead: 80, War: 91, Intel: 59, Politics: 
45), especially for cavalry attacks. Once you unlock them, they appear
as created officers that you can use when you begin a new game in 
scenarios starting in the year 200 or later. 

-=Method One=-
In the tutorial sections, defeat Lu Bu in the last tutorial within 
six months. 

-=Method Two=-
Go to the create an officer screen. Type in the family name (i.e. 
Huang or Ma) in the family name box, and the given names (i.e. Yue 
Ying or Yun Lu) in the given name box. Leave the style name empty. 
You don't have to fill in stats or choose skills. Just press the 
green confirm button. When you create Huang Yue Ying or Ma Yun Lu 
in this way, you'll hear a sound and see a message confirming the 
creation of these two special characters.
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