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  Hints and Tips for: Santa Fe Mysteries - The Elk Moon Murder 
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 Santa Fe Mysteries - The Elk Moon Murder Cheats

Santa Fe Mysteries - The Elk Moon Murder

You have to ask the question: "who had the means, motive, and opportunity?"
in solving this mystery. Almost all suspects have a strong motive for
commiting the crime. Therefore, the focus should be on who had the means
and the opportunity. From Forensics tests , you discover that Anna Elk Moon
most likely knew her killer. Of all the suspects, how many did Elk Moon
know personally?
What was the victim doing the day of the murder that seemed unusual? She
was calling people urgently about something. She reached two people: Joe
Edeta and Vaughan Dresner. In both their interviews they talk about Anna's
having discovered something about the design on the pot. Moreover, from Joe
Edeta's interview, you discover that Sonny Two Feathers, Joe's nephew, was
there with Joe during Anna's phone call.

From several interviews (especially Joe Edeta, Astrid Ames, and Vaughan
Dresner), library articles, and Forensics you learn that the pot --
specifically, the design on the pot -- held some significance. Examining
the design on the pot as sketched in Elk Moon's journal, you notice two
peaks. Later, if you examine the pot found in the van and placed in the
Evidence Room at Police Headquarters, you will discover that the design on
the pot was changed. Why would someone go to the trouble to change the pot
design? What significance did the pot's design hold?

In the library, there are several mentions of the casino site being located
at the base of the "double-peaked" Sangre de Cristos mountains, as well as
a photo of the mountains. An article states that Ed is working closely with
the Pueblo Tribal Offices (Sonny Two Feathers) on the casino development,
which will be located at the base of the double-peaked Sangre de Cristos
mountains. Further, the caption under the picture of the double-peaked
mountains also calls out the historic "double-peaks."

If you closely examined the pot drawing and the photograph, you would
realize Anna made some connection between the pot's design and the Sangre
de Cristos mountains. If the kiva pot design was indeed a drawing of the
Sangre de Cristos, could that possibly signify that the kiva site was
located somewhere in the vicinity? Being an arch anti-casino activist,
couldn't Anna use that information to stall the casino development, which
was just about to be approved -- per the library article? Who would be most
upset by this news? Ed and Sonny. In an article, Joe Edeta states that his
nephew (Sonny Two Feathers)'s "vision has been clouded by the lure of the
white man's riches," implying that Sonny has "sold out" in some respect.

After McHorse's arrest it is clear he was framed. Who would have had access
to him? Who of the suspects would know McHorse to be able to frame him?
Additionally, McHorse was drinking at the Saguarro Bar the night of the
murder in Nambe. Sonny Two Feathers was at the Bristlecone Bar in Nambe the
same night. In a library article you discover that the Saguarro Bar and
Bristlecone Bars are owned by Ed Snyder, Sonny Two Feather's associate in
the casino project. Sonny was there for Anna's phone call to Joe and in
Nambe the night of the murder. Sonny had the means or the ability to know
McHorse, the proximity to find him and drug him the night of the murder.

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