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  Hints and Tips for: Season Match 2 
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 Season Match 2 Cheats

Season Match 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "King of Accuracy!" achievement:
After completing a playthrough, you can still earn the Coins or Sharpshooter trophies.
After completing the final mini-game, it will be unlocked at the "Extras" menu. You 
can then retry as many times as desired to earn them.

-=April's mini-game=-
It is very easy to find the butterflies; however, some of them are very similar. Search
for the only detail (such as a pattern, color, etc.) that will help locate the correct 

-=October's mini-game=-
Some flowers' shadows are very similar. Follow the outlines to see their details. 

-=Spring's mini-game=-
It can be easy to find a four-leaf clover. If an area is difficult because you cannot
see the outlines of a clover, it is almost always a four-leafed type. You can click 
on any clover before confirming your choice. 

-=Summer's mini-game=-
How to put the walls is important, however the game is difficult to complete because 
of large number of fireballs thrown at the same time. Do not try to earn the Coins 
and Sharpshooter trophies at the same time. Clicking will move the walls. 

-=Autumn's mini-game=-
You do not need to collect all the honeycombs falling down. It is acceptable to miss
some of them. As long as you collect 50 honeycombs and do not lose a life by getting
hit by insects, you will earn the Sharpshooter trophy. 

-=January's mini-game=-
Despite clicking on a snowflake, sometimes you will miss the small target area at the
center. This can cause issues if you have to hurry to reach the next one. Instead, 
click directly on January's face when the snowflake is appearing. This will destroy
it quickly and you do not have to rush to the next one. 

-=Snow Queen's mini-game=-
The Sharpshooter trophy depends on the timer. As long as the puzzle is done before 
the timer expires, you will earn the trophy.

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