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  Hints and Tips for: Seasons after Fall 
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 Seasons after Fall Cheats

Seasons after Fall

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Get The Final Ending / Hidden Dream Locations:
In order to unlock the “final” ending you need to discover four hidden 
dream locations. This can be quite tough if you miss certain spots, so 
here’s a quick guide to help you out.

-=Sylvan dream=-
Ancestors, the area where you find the Winter Guardian (Bear). Go all the 
way to the right until you find a geyser, freeze it and climb.

-=Winding dream=-
Cascades, the area where you find the Spring Guardian (Eel). Go to the 
lake with a single water flower (don’t confuse it with the water flowers
near the Wind Stone), drain the lake and unlock the “spirit path”, you’ll
find the path on a tree to the left.

-=Muddy dream=-
Quagmire, the area where you find the Autumn Guardian (Crane). While you 
are unlocking the Wind Stone in the area underground (where you teleport 
using the magic ponds) make sure to blow all the wooden barriers with the
bomb insects. You will eventually find the location.

-=Airborne dream=-
Summit, the area on the left past the Summer Guardian (Cicada). While you 
are searching for the Lofty Altar go to the extreme left of the map with 
the help of a tree, jump left and you’re done.

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