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  Hints and Tips for: Secret of Mana 
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 Secret of Mana Cheats

Secret of Mana

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Go to an Island near the top of IceCountry.
* There will be Neko. 
* Save your game there.
* Reset, then load that game.
* Either the file will be messed up, or you will fight the Mantis Ant!

You can increase the item limit in the options, totally breaking the 
gameís balance. Itís at four as in the original by default.

How do I get the special items?:
-=Magic Rope=-
This is in the Gaiaís Navel cave complex, in a dead end room. You can 
access this room in the area following the release of the water to cool the 
magma blocking your path. The room below will have a path to a dead end cave 
flanked by two Goblin Kids, this is where the Magic Rope is. 
Donít miss this item! It is very useful!
-=Moogle Belt=-
Midway through the game, you will gain free world travel through the Flammie 
drum, you will be able to get an item that will solve Kakaraís water problem. 
You will receive the Moogle Belt after taking the item to Kakara village.

-=Flammie Drum=-
You get this item automatically as the story progresses, midway through.

-=Midge Mallet=-
After getting Flammie, return to the Dwarf Village and talk to the Elder, 
he will give you the Midge Mallet.

Duplicate weapon equip:
This glitch will allow you to equip any early weapon to two of your characters 
in your party effectively duplicating them.

This glitch requires the event where you become captured by goblins after visiting 
the Water Palace for the first time. This allows you to meet Primn and allow her 
to join your party early.

To do this glitch, you need to opt to get Primn early in the game by visit Pandora 
Castle before you go to Gaia's Navel. Explore all the way until the room before 
the King and Primn will join your party. Play the game normally until you reach 
the entrance to Gaia's Navel. Equip the weapon you wish to duplicate on Primn and 
enter the cave. Primn will scold you for not going to the castle and force you to 
exit the cave. Re-enter the cave again and Primn will prompt you a second time. 
This time answer "Underground Palace" and Primn will leave your party.

Proceed onward and complete the Gaia's Navel and get Popoi in your party. Proceed 
into the Haunted Forest. Equip the weapon that you equipped on Primn to the 
character that you want to have the weapon duplicated on (does not matter if Randi 
or Popoi). Proceed until you reach the event where you have to rescue Primn from 
Werewolves. Once you defeat them all, Primn will rejoin your party with the last 
item that was equipped to her regardless if it is equipped on someone else.

Do note that if you unequip the weapon from either character, you will lose the 
double weapon equip glitch.

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