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  Hints and Tips for: Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic 
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 Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic Cheats

Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Entering last level of Caldorrian Towers:
To walk around in the last level of each tower, the crew leader must have
20 Strength, 20 Charisma, or 20 Dexterity (depending of the tower). You 
can actually pass that point if you do the following: 1. Go to the last level
of the tower and advance until you can't advance any further and you see the 
message of "Only the ... may pass". 2. Press F2 (F3, F4, or F5) to select 
another crew-member 3. Press "V" (to view that crew-member's position) 4. 
While viewing the crew-member's position, press the up arrow key to move 
forward. That should allow you to move where you were not able to move before.

Infinite Energy:
When you speak to "The Key of Thor", after you finish talking to it, you will
receive an Energy (Engry) stat. You can increase the amount of energy by doing
the following: 1. After you read Paragraph 61, when you click (1) for more, you
are teleported and the Engry appears on your screen and starts charging. 2. If 
you press and hold "1", the dialogue will go fast but start looping and goes 
back to the beginning, you can then release 1 and start reading again. When you
see the message to read Paragraph 61 again, you press "1" for more and your 
Engry increases and starts charging again. You can repeat as many times as you 

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