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  Hints and Tips for: Serious Sam II 
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 Serious Sam II Cheats

Serious Sam II

Cheat Codes:
During gameplay, press [~] for the console and type any of the following codes:

Codes               Effect
please god        - God Mode
please giveall    - Give All Weapons / Ammo
please killall    - Kill All Monster On Level
please open       - Open All Doors
please fly        - Fly Mode
please ghost      - No Clipping Mode
please invisible  - Invisibility
please tellall    - View All Messages
please refresh    - Restore Energy

Enable Developer Cheats: 
Hit the tilde key while playing the game to bring up the console and type
"sam_iEnableCheats=2" without quotes. Then pause the game and hit [F1] and
you will have enabled the developer cheats rather than the regular ones.

Codes                   Effect
Turbo Option         - Makes Sam Incredibly fast and Jump Far
Chapter Option       - Warps you around current level
God Mode Option      - Sam will take no damage and will not be knocked back
Kill All Option      - Destroy all enemies simultaneously
Refresh Heath Option - Bring Health to 200%
Add Life Option      - Adds one additional life to however many you have
Toggle Hud Option    - Turns the Heads Up Display On/Off
Ghost Option         - Allows Sam to fly
Invisibility Option  - Sam's Enemies will no longer see him
Unlock Levels Option - Unlocks all levels in the Custom Level Menu

Submitted by: Haspa

Start game as usual, open up the console with ~ key and enter the command below 
(CaSe SeNsItIvE): sam_iEnableCheats=1 

Once enabled, close the console (press ~ again) and bring up the mainmenu by
pressing the ESCAPE key - now you can enable the basic cheatmenu by pressing 
[F1]. Repeat as often as needed just remember you have to be in the mainmenu 
(ESC) to trigger the cheatmenu with [F1]. 

If you want to use the developer cheats simply use the following command instead:


You can also Disable the cheats with: sam_iEnableCheats=0

Submitted by: t.chandra mouli

First press the button left of number 1 and type pleasegod for god mode, type 
pleasefly for fly mode,type pleasegiveall for all weapons and ammo.

Submitted by: Zee

Find the file "sam2" in the Serious Sam directory. Open it and find the line 
sam_enablecheats=0 and change it to 1. 

Now when are in the game, press esc to open the menu then F1 to get the cheats
menu or you can just press the following keys while playing:

g    - god
o    - all weapons and ammo
PgUp - previous checkpoint
PgDn - next checkpoint
INS  - extra life

Defeating Hugo the Robot:
When you first start the mission, run. Keep running until you reach a fenced in 
rea with helicopters. Get close to one and enter it. Fly up in the helicopter. 
Make sure not to get in his way when he is airborne. To do this correctly, fly 
at a angle away while at the same time shooting him. The helicopter does not 
have enough ammunition, so you must land on a pad with the green glowing ammo. 
After you get that, it should be enough to destroy him. Alternately, if you do 
not want fly you can do it the hard way by firing all your ammunition on him. 
Make sure to stay directly underneath him, or behind a fence so he cannot hit 

Lava stage: Armor puzzle:
Just before you get the mini-gun, there is a door on your right. Open it and 
there will be armor on the other side. You must to step on the correct letters.
The order is: S, E, R, I, O, U, S.

Defeating Zum-Zum:
On the level when you must defeat Zum-Zum, you must destroy all of the giant 
sunflowers so that Zum-Zum cannot regain its life. After you destroy the 
sunflowers, you can attack Zum-Zum and kill it before it recharges.

Duke Nukem Forever reference:
There are several passing remarks about a "Blonde guy taking forever". This a
reference to the as-yet-to-be-published game Duke Nukem Forever.

Hidden points:
To find hidden points interact with things: e.g. kick a football in a goal to 
get a life. throw a basketball in the hoop and get 1,000+ points there are 
more but you'll have to find them like I did

Cheat Menu:
On the main menu, Hold left shift + F3,F4,F3,F3,F4 to unlock cheat menu, which
can then be accessed by pressing F1. This enables the cheats menu, which has 
give all weapons, god mode, refresh health, add extra life and unlock all levels.

submitted by: Avinash kulkarni

Start game as usual, open up the console with ~ key and enter the command below
(CaSe SeNsItIvE): 


Once enabled, close the console (press ~ again). Now use the following cheats.

Code       Result 
y        - Ghost mode(fly mode)
u        - Auto aming
i        - Invisible 
{        - Slower game play(Decrease the timing as you press)
}        - Faster game play(Increases the timing as you press) 
g        - God mode
o        - All weapons and ammo
j        - Turbo mode
k        - Kill all
l        - Fly mode
F2       - Next level 
F3       - Ghost mode
pageup   - Next stage within same level
pagedown - Previous stage within same level

If you are perfect in game then increase the game timing and set the turbo mode. By 
this you can be able to play faster than the normal.

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