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  Hints and Tips for: Settlers 3 
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 Settlers 3 Cheats

Settlers 3

Tips & tricks:
Submitted by: Martin

Tips and tricks to make your Settlers 3 civilisation more efficient.

-=Woodcutters, Forresters & Sawmils=-
When building forresters, try to make the entrance of the building face the
area where you wan't to plant trees. If you think about it, most of the time,
the forresters walk from their hut to where they plant trees. 
Same for woodcutters. Place them with the door facing the trees.
Place the a sawmill for every 3 woodcutters you have got. 
Later in the game you will have alot of wood. More than you'll ever be able 
to use. If you are Roman, make more sawmills, and create Charcoal makers Huts. 
Why? Because you can then focus your food production more on meat, and less on 
coal, because your Charcoal makers will help you get coal. You can never run 
out of coal as roman. Never.

When building farms, try and place 3-7 farms in a ring or square, or some kind 
of large area. Make all of them plant and harvest in the large area. Make sure 
the area isn't too big. Why? Because normally when you place a farm, the farmer
focuses on one, small area. Over half the hay he plants will rot, because for 
some reason, farmers plant alot more than they harvest. By making 7 farmers work
in an area that 3 farmers could normally handle, very little hay is wasted. 
Just try it, and you'll see!

Building Tip:
Submitted by: SpAnIsH_FaTe

when you play if you press [F12] one minute will pass for all players. That is
very good when you have building.
Faster building: 
Press [F12] to pause the game, then immediately press [F12] again to resume. Then,
one minute in game time will have elapsed for all players.

80,000 credits: 
While playing a game, hold [F8] for approximately twenty seconds, then press "G" 
while continuing to hold [F8].

Faster battles:
Continuously right click while fighting to keep your warriors in swordplay and 
your archers firing.

* If your pioneers are getting attacked and their health shows  red or yellow,
  simply convert them back to carriers. The enemy can't attack them, and when 
  you convert them back to pioneers they will have full health. 

* If you are playing a game and your spies spot a large amount of troops heading
  your way, convert all your spare settlers into pioneers and group them up. Send
  the pioneers into the invading troops.  It's cruel, but it will give you some 
  time to get all of your troops into the area. 

* Here's a good way of getting material to an area. Build a market and set a route
  to eg brewery to sphinx.

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