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 Shadow of Destiny Cheats

Shadow of Destiny

Even More Endings:
Submitted by: RM

After you have completed the game and seen the 5 basic endings
(A, B, C, D and E), there is more. Eike can finally set things right
in two different ways! Both are really worth doing! 

-=Here's how=-
Get back to the Main Menu (ESCape key) and select to Start a new game.
When you have your first conversation choice, answer "Am I dead again?"
and then "Oh, Homunculus" to begin the Ex Mode game.

Eike is again inside the Cafe, but this time he's looking for the 
Philosopher's Stone. When you regain control.

* Visit the Fortune Teller. 
* Go to the Square and walk up to the Juggler. 
* Go to the Bar. Talk to Hugo, but choose not to go inside. 
* Return to the Cafe and get the Philosopher's Stone and your lighter 
  from Dana. 
* Go back to the Square and see the Juggler again. 
* Return to Hugo, who is still outside the Bar. 
* Talk to him again and this time agree to go inside.
* Inside, immediately after you have control, use the DigiPad and travel 
  to 1580. 
* After the scene with Margarete and the towns people, use either your 
  lighter or your cellphone (like you did before). 
* When Margarete walks away, your next actions will determine one of 
  two endings.

Follow Margarete and enter her house ... 
Open the DigiPad and return to the present.

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