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  Hints and Tips for: Shadows of the Empire 
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 Shadows of the Empire Cheats

Shadows of the Empire

Cheat Codes:
Use the name 'R Testers ROCK' to play any level.

Use the name ' Credits' to watch the end sequence. 
Select Hoth to play. 

Use the name ' Jabba'. 
Gives you extra ammo. (space required)

Level Select:
At the level select screen enter this code two letters at a 
time, holding down the 2 letters for 1 second:


Type T then T again then continue to the next set of letters 
which would be WI and type them as usual by holding the 2 
letters (WI) down for 1 second and then continueing to the 
next set. 

Max Challenge Point:
When you leave Mos Eisley and enter the Dune Sea, take a 90 
degree turn left and go straight. You will see a little square,
you will there see that adorable urchin Max (as in "Sam & Max 
Hit the Road.") 

End Boss:
In level 4 (Junk Yard) when you encounter the end boss, you 
should go to the left toward the mountain with a challenge point
on top of it. Behind it there's a small place with 2 stakes of 
barb wire. Look at the mountain and proceed into the V-shaped 
valley. If you do everything right, you should end up in a pile 
of scrap. Use the 'V'-key to kill of the end boss. He can't hurt 
you because you are inside the mountain.

in the Skyhook battle level, when you're flying 
the Outrider(not manning the turrets), hold camera
change(C key on keyboard) for 5 seconds.

(must have X-wing code on) while flying X-wing, hold camera 
change(C key on keyboard) for 5 seconds.

Fly Outrider again 
(must have Tie Fighter code on) while flying Tie Fighter, hold 
camera change(C key on keyboard) for 5 seconds.

Shadows of the Empire - Hex Cheat
This is more easily done when you finish a couple of missions.

Edit the file *.soe in the Shadows of the Empire subdirectory. 
You will find that the remaining lives in the past missions. 
If you finish the 1st mission with 4 lives and the second with 
5 lives. Now you are currently in the third mission with 5 lives. 
Look for 05 in the hex editor and change it.

You can place like 10,000 lives but the game will give you 100 
lives in the next mission.

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