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  Hints and Tips for: Shadowtale 
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 Shadowtale Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Easy Gold and Exp.:
Once you get to level 8 and finish the Goblin King's Slippers quest, groups of 
Lomar Smashers and Archers will appear in Prindle Forest. Lomars are quite easy 
to kill and their moves are easy to predict, they drop Bronze Ingots and gold, 
Bronze Ingots sell for 10 gold each. One group of Lomars gives some good 
experience too, hunting them at level 8 for less than a day can get you to 
about level 13.

Easy money:
Submitted by: brandman

First, U need the cheat engine 5.5. Log into shadowtale and bring up the cheat
engine. Go to the upper left corner to the computer icon. Once the box opens up,
click on the "windows list" button. Scroll down untill U see sumthin about 
shadowtale. click it and then click "open". Then, next to the "hex:" part, there
is a box for text. type in how much gold you have (I have 506 gold, so I type in
506) and then click the "first scan" button. Once the scan is done, go back into
shadowtale and buy something. Go back to cheat engine and where you put the first
number, erase it and put in the amount of gold you have after the purchase. hit 
"next scan". there should only be one result this time. double click it and it 
should go down to the box on the bottom. in the box on the bottom, double click
the amount of gold U have and change it to any number U want(I personally go for
9999). click the checkbox to freeze it. go back to shadowtale and buy something 
else. enjoy the money. WARNING!!!
If U dont do everything EXACTLY as I explained, the results wont be what U want.

How to level up:
Submitted by: mr

First go to the mountain pass than go to the right side of it and go a little bit
more left and 2 baby brown bears will come and fight them then go up and 2 mountain
yeti wiil come out fight them then go left again and a skeleton will come out it's 
a pretty strong one though fight him then kill him then an ogre and another 
skeleton will come out fight him then go left and there will be 3 baby brown bears
and on big brown bear. i dont think that youll fight them just fight them if your 
brave enough.

Battle Arena - Colliseum:
Submitted by: Luke

To get to the Colliseum first you will need 100 gold 1 Ticket to Jafahar, then 
follow the arrows to to the collesum.

*Talk to the 3 trainers.
*The first Battles are easy.
*There is 30 in tottal but i will list a few:

-=as Dark as night=-
Black Bear, Scorpin and cave spiders

-=Goulish Nightmeres=-
Sprites , Zombies , walling willows and spawns

-=Forest Terror=-
Leaf Rat, Lomar Henchmen

How to warp to the candlewick Inn without using a warp ticket:
Submitted by: zooba

First you have too have a house and you can buy it in the candlewick Inn.
Then if your lost and cant find a way to EdgeWood then look on the screen down right.
You will see a house then press it and then you will warp to the front yard of your house.
Then go down right to that gap. Then you will go in the CandleWick Inn

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