Shaun White Skateboarding Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Shaun White Skateboarding 
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 Shaun White Skateboarding Cheats

Shaun White Skateboarding

How to unlock Shaun Island:
Submitted by: Mazid

Gain a gold medal in all Shaun White set challenges.

Unlock Shaun White Skin:
Submitted by: Mazid

Complete the game and once you reload your save you'll find the Shaun White Skin 
under 'Extras' in the pause menu.

Submitted by: Mazid

Ridiculously Long Lasting (20)   - Influence and reveal 5 gum company's billboards
It's better here (25)            - Influence and reveal all the restaurants
Weapon of Mass Manipulation (25) - Transform 1000 world objects and citizens
Mad Looks (10)                   - Customize your character
Secret Packrat (25)              - Discover all the secret challenges
Skate Guru (20)                  - Convert 100 citizens
Full Deck Trickster (25)         - Unlock all the tricks and complete your trick book
Speed Bomber (25)                - Obtain the best time in 3 time attack challenges
ApocalypsFlow (30)               - Reach 7500 flow in the story mode
MannyMania (15)                  - Manual for 75 meters in the story mode
Hoverboard (15)                  - Grind 150 meters without touching the ground in story mode
Fashionista (10)                 - Collect 50 clothing items in the story mode
Raise the roof (10)              - Reach a trick height of 9 meters in the story mode
Gold Medal Challenge (50)        - Earn the gold medal in all Shaun White challenges
Versatile Challenger (25)        - Win a match in every multiplayer game mode
Riding Benefactor (15)           - Use 10 power ups on yourself or your team in one multiplayer 
Trip 'em up (20)                 - Use 10 power ups to affect opponents in one multiplayer match
Infinite Arsenal (15)            - Use 12 power ups in one multiplayer match
Deja vu? (20)                    - Play each multiplayer mode once
Shaping Blitz (30)               - Shape 10 objects in one "Shaping Battle" multiplayer match
Shape Master (10)                - Win a "Shaping Battle" multiplayer match
Absolute Truth (30)              - Convert 10 structures in a single "Ministry vs Rising" 
                                   multiplayer match
Dynamic Propaganda (10)          - Win a "Ministry vs Rising" multiplayer match
Flow Factory (30)                - Obtain 8000 flow in one "Go with the flow" multiplayer match
Unleash the Flow (10)            - Win a "Go with the flow" multiplayer match
Multiplayer Initiate (10)        - Complete a multiplayer match
Challenge Killer (20)            - Complete 35 challenges
Crossing the beams (20)          - Link a shaping with a rail, or another shaping. Do this 30 times.
Skatecopter (20)                 - Perform 3 body rotations in a single trick
Flat footed (25)                 - Perform 100 perfect landings
Glitterous (40)                  - Find all the secret chests)
Shopping Spree (20)              - Unlock all the skate shops 

Additionally, there are 12 secret achievements:
Submitted by: Arju

Soap On A Rope (15 points):        Complete the training event to be ready to face the ministry.
Rising Freedom (20 points):        Free the rising member from the Ministry.
Going Out With A Bang!(20 points): Evade & escape the Ministry trap.
Rescue Skater (20 points)   :      Destroy the De-influencer & free Francisco from the Ministry.
Ministry Retreat (20 points):      Remove 20 Ministry posters & logos.
Skate Shop Moxie (20 points):      Impress Bob & free his skate shop.
Walk In The Park (25 points):      Completely reveal the skate park.
Free Your Mind (20 points)  :      Use shaping to mold the world.
Fail Zeppelin (20 points) :        Crash the Ministry Zeppelin.
Rebel Training (30 points):        Complete the challenge & successfully prove yourself to the rising
Heal The World (40 points):        Destroy all the Ministry pylons.
A New Harmony (75 points) :        Find Shaun & defeat the Ministry (end game).


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